Monday, 24 February 2014

FULL Time ASL \"/

Dear Friends and Family

So my new companions are GREAT! I love them both so much and I am excited to finally be full time in the ASL program. Every night I am so tired from all the signing but I love it still. Here is a link to the mission blog showing pictures of the new arrivals.

We decided yesterday where our areas are. We are going to have northern Maryland and the elders will have DC and Virginia.  The new elder is Elder Tracy he is very sweet and close to the other ASL sisters as they were in the same district and a tri for the last week in the MTC. Elder Wood is feeling a lot of responsibility to get things going. We are doing a 40 day fast purifying thing in our zone this transfer. I have done it before and it is really great! I know Elder Tracy will be really great with Elder Wood with his greeny fire and I hope we as sisters can do that as well. Honestly I'm feeling pretty humble to be here.

We were discussing this morning about how much The Lord must care about this place to send 6 full time ASL missionaries here. Yes in the next 12 weeks there will be two more ASL sisters and another elder coming. So Elder Wood will go back to Spanish and I to Temple Square. So I pretty much have to leave this place knowing my baby's can handle it. I know they will and that is my goal.

We did a choir number recently for the Why I Believe meetings that happens every month. This is when recent converts share their conversion stories and testimonies it's really great. I hope I get the chance to perform at one of the monthly missionary fireside but I don't know how much I will be at the vc these next few transfers as I don't know if my deaf investigators would be interested in going. Here's the link for the choir piece

It was GREAT to meet the Schoemigs they are great! Their whole family came to the deaf branch on Sunday. Elder Schoemig will be greatly missed. It's nice to have FB to contact him and ask for advice. Might use him as member present too.

Sorry this is so short but I am out of time for today.
Love you all! 

DC North ASL missionaries
Lt to Rt Elders Tracy, Schoemig (Who went home this transfer.), Wood 
and Sisters Bascom, Phillips and Turley.

Monday, 17 February 2014

I'll GO Where You Want Me To GO!

Sister Hancock, Sister Bascom, Candy and Sister Johnson visiting the visitors centre. 

Dear Family and Friends,

I have tried hard to focus on my present area that I am sad to be leaving. Sister Johnson and I set some high goals for this transfer. They didn't come to fruition like we had hoped. Sister Johnson and her trainee will be working with a few investigators that we have in our ares. We both think she should be training a missionary from Asia as all the asian sisters are going home and we need more in this area as Asians are awesome!

Oh we went to the city today to the Smithsonian museum of natural history. I will send pictures. It was nice but to be honest I was just thinking about all the packing I have to do still and the cleaning too...  Maybe when we come and visit we can really visit and enjoy ourselves but it's hard to do that with all these responsibilities on

my mind. I  have told president that I am coming to visit with you at the end of my mission. So now we have to come back, president really wants to meet you.

I learned that my new apartment isn't as nice as this one, laundry costs $20 a month.:/ But there is a bigger gym so I don't have to wait for the treadmill. I have been jogging almost every morning for 10 mins or more. I will be happy to double that. Sister Johnson really has taught me a lot about health and I am going to do my best to apply it in every aspect of my life now ie eating healthier, more salads and Isagenix will really help in the mornings. I have really come to enjoy spinach, especially cooked with a little bit (or a lot) of cheese melted on it. :)

Making brownies and ding dong dropping them on peoples doorsteps on Valentines Day

I am sad that I missed birthday week. (Lani's bday is in Valentines day and her brothers are three days both sides of hers. Her brother Hyrum turned 12 and was ordained to the Aaronic priesthood. She was sad to miss this family event. We are also Star Wars fans we celebrate the May the 4th be with your day and... Lani's brothers celebrated their special days with a Star Wars themed cake. and had this to say:). I think for our next birthday we should have a Star Wars birthday party again :) It so great that Hyrum is growing up to be such a great leader, I'm hardly going to recognize any of my boys when I get home.... Give Dalin and Hyrum birthday hugs from me Sorry I didn't send anything for them, I will make up next year. 

Lani's response to us retiring our "Bascom Bus" Yay new car to drive when I get home!. Loved to hear about the auto starter! It will be nice for November mornings when I get home ;)  I'm sure you are loving it. I will send you pictures when I get my new car, I am going to be driving 24/7 now as new sisters have to wait 2 transfers I think before they can drive....

Wow! I just become more and more awed by this experience that I am soon to have with these new sisters. I really want to stay longer here but when I thought about it last night I do feel like I still have more work to do on Temple Square. I feel I have responsibilities there and roles to fulfill i.e.  I still have people to touch there, companions that need me, fellow sisters that need me. I have been loving my time in Washington, but I know that I have to go back to Utah in May for a reason.

This is a clip of some missionaries from the DC North mission Singing I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go at the Music and the Message fireside.

Enjoy the pictures Sister Johnson is sending.

Love Sister Bascom
Sister Hancock and Candy came to feed Barb's horses with us and then we went to the Visitors Center.
Candy is our investigator.

Monday, 10 February 2014


IT's girls! Due Date Feb 19th They are both expecting. Sister B twin ASL sisters and Sister J  TBA
Dear family and friends,

Just got finished with some volley ball with my zone and I'm so tried!

Okay the big news is I am training TWO sisters in the ASL program here starting next week! Ya me! It's crazy. This is truly is the Lord mission and here's how I know. This is from one of my trainees farewell talk:

"Everything has come together in this last month since I've received my call. I now understand why I was not to go when I wanted to. The Washington DC North mission has not had ASL sisters in the mission since 2005. I know that the companions who will be out in the field with me were not ready back in February, but are ready to serve now. I know that I'm ready and I have no doubt that the people I will come in contact with are ready for the gospel."

See, the Lord needed a sister to come here to train these two sisters and the only way they could do this is by sending one here from an other mission.

Ok, you might not think it is crazy awesome, but I do! The only thing I wonder about is, why me? There are so many wonderfully capable ASL sisters that could be transferred here.... But the Lord sent me.... Why? Why do I need to train these two wonderful sisters? What can I teach them? These are things I have been thinking about the last few days since President told me.

Mom add ons:

The mission president encouraged Sister Bascom to go to the ASL branch before she gets transferred into the branch and introduce herself. She went to a games night at the branch this weekend and met some lovely people. The branch president is from the Edmonton area. Small world hun.

Shout out:Sister Bascom's birthday is on Valentines Day. Now that she is an IPad mission you can send her some birthday love on Facebook. 

Shout outs to Sister Bascom this week for her 20th b-day on Valentines Day. You can send her love on her Facebook wall. 

Well hope you all have a great singles awareness day! I know I will!

Love Sister Bascom

Monday, 3 February 2014

Loved MORE than you KNOW!!!

Dear Family and Friends 

It was hump week this past week and I have been pondering a lot this week. Often I will think, Is this really true? Is this really Gods word? I ask myself that everyday. Then I feel the spirit testify that it is. A person can't feel this good about something that is not true.  

I have been reviewing in my mind past conversations I have had with people through out my mission. I think how I could I have improved? Most of the time I think that the only thing you can do is teach and testify with the spirit.  I'm so very thankful that I have learned these things on my mission. I have truly been trying to love people more like Christ loves them. Its hard/easier then I thought.... You feel so good when you love. It really does over come anything.

Sometimes the hard part is dividing the sin from the sinner and loving the person.  I know it can be done and thats what I work on. I love sharing the truths of the gospel. It is so true! It brings me such joy. I pray that I can help others receive this joy.. I need to teach with the spirit and learn with the spirit.

Something that I find frustrating is that I can't do anything for people unless they are humble and willing/wanting to change. The gospel is just so awesome! It makes me sad that so many people reject it and put it as not (as the scriptures say). But like my trainer told me (my first trainer) "That is how the Savior feels. When we feel that sadness we feel as the Saviour does." I feel that brings me closer to him. I know that every person will receive the best judgement for them, I leave them in Gods hands after all I can do. I know he will take care of them.

My love to you all. Hope your Jan was great and you learned lots. I can't believe we only have 11 months left in this year! :P

ALWAYS Remember you are BRAVER than you Believe, STRONGER than you Seem and SMARTER than you Think!
Sister Bascom

YOU are Loved MORE  than you KNOW!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Minis are in HAND!

This week was zone conferences and they were exciting ones!!! Each missionary received an Ipad mini. according to this missionary it is making them light weight, more organized and info is easier to share. 

Check out this post from the DC North mission blog. Look for our cute bun head. (You can take the bun head out of the dance world but you can't take the bun away.) ;)