Monday, 27 October 2014

Missionary Meets World

The departing group

Dear Family and Friends,
Well this is it... my last pray, my last email from TS.
Okay so I don't get released for another 2 weeks, but Monday is pretty much my last day on TS. In all honesty I think I am glad I'm not going to be released. I feel like it will be a nice transition. I'm sure my sisters will get me all caught up on everything... kinda nervous about that.

Brother Archuleta came and spoke to us a few weeks ago and he told us about how as soon as he got back from Chile he flew to LA to get back into music. But when he got there he was so over whelmed with the world and how they wanted to focus on him and make him look awesome that he came back home and hid in his house for 2 weeks :P Yes a funny story but I learned a lot from it.

The world really is all about me, me, me... but as a missionary it's about everyone but us. We sacrifice everything for another, our investigator, our companion, God etc. To come back to a world that tells you to just focus on you and your wants and your needs is the complete opposite to the way we have lived as missionaries. No wonder it is hard to go back home. You don't have that spiritual bubble and you have to let go, at least a little bit and start to think about your future. School, work, marriage etc. Thats hard.... Well my parents have always taught me to plan and have goals so I think I have it a little easier than some. Sister Souza is pulling her hair out trying to plan her next steps in life when she gets home. Brother Archuleta said he still doesn't know what he wants to do with his life... But thats okay. Slow and steady win the race right? I've been really learning to slow down on my mission and just enjoy the moment... thats harder for me to do sometimes, okay a lot of the time.
So I still have a few kinks to work through. Good I need to be doing something.

I really like the words of my best friend at the end of his mission:
"Honestly, when I'm home, you may not recognize me. You may not know who I am anymore, and I think that's okay. Maybe you won't like who I've become, or how I act differently. You might be surprised by my testimony, my maturity (one way or another), or how I look. I am different than before, you know---the things that were good are better. The things that were bad are slowly departing, and [18 months] is a long time for medication to work its wonders on the human soul."

As I end mine... I just want you all to know that I love you. I love my Savior. I was hoping I would know him better on the other side, and I do :) I was hoping I would get rid of some bad habits, gain some better ones. Love deeper, see more meaning in life. Know how to express myself in a better way. I'm not perfect at any of these things, but thats okay because perfection doesn't come in this life. As long as its better... better than it was. 
For those of you I will see soon please be patient with me. I think this all might hit me soon and I might hid like Brother Archuleta did :P God willing I don't bit off more than I can chew ;)

I love you all. I love my mission. I can't really express it all in words, but I hope you get the picture.

Remember you are Braver than you Believe, Stronger than you Seem
and Smarter than you Think
Sister Bascom 

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Dear Family and Friends,

We had zone activity today, we went to Liberty Park and had a picnic, play basketball, took pictures and just relaxed. Its was good and I was glad to do it.
As my mission draws to a close I keep thinking "What more can I do?". I am trying to stay away from the dangerous thoughts that Satan likes to put in our heads, "You deserve a rest." This week I am going to study the talk "This Day" by Elder Eyring. I have always loves how he talks about constant service and how the Savior was a perfect example of that. I think this will help me to be focused and push myself to the very end. I can't let Satans excuses get to me, there is more in me than that, he knows it and I know it.  The words of President Harmon's (Pre. H is one of the counsellor's in the T2 mission Pres.) favorite songs come to mind: 
"Be fixed in your purpose, for Satan will try you;
The weight of your calling he perfectly knows.
Your path may be thorny, but Jesus is nigh you;
His arm is sufficient, tho demons oppose."
I need to be fixed in my purpose this week and not let anything hold me back.
Okay MIRACLE!!!!
A previous investigator M. Sister Dias (my trainer)  and I taught him together,  we found out he was still on parol  and he would have to wait a loooooong time to get baptized. He got really discouraged with that cause he really wanted to be baptized. He also needed to go to jail for a few days or week or something to do some time... He didn't want to and said he wasn't going to go. We told him we need to be law abiding citizen... We didn't get positives responses from him and we got scared he was going to run for it... every email we got back from him after that he said he was fine and don't worry about me.... He then he stopped replying and we just knew he was in jail.Well last week I was going through all my dropped people and trying them all one last time. I called M's bishop to ask about him. AS of December 8th 2013 he has been an active member of the church. I could hardly contain my joy! I haven't talked to him myself yet but I hope to be able to before I leave or add him on FB when I get back. BTW FB is an awesome way to find people :)

So to sum this all up. I am learned that a missionary's work is never done. My work isn't done. Taking off the name tag means nothing. Its a piece of plastic. What matters is the name written on your heart. I hope after 18 months or 24 months Christ's name is written on ever missionaries heart even after the name tag comes off. We still represent Jesus Christ. I need to remember my calling isn't done. I haven't been released, just reassigned. I'm excited about that. There are people in other places that I need to help. They just all happen to be in Canada at the moment, or on FB or... Its going to be great! I hope you are all looking for those people God has sent you to. 

Remember you are Braver than you Believe, Stronger than you Seem and Smarter than you Think
Sister Bascom 

Guess who came to hang with the girls Sunday night???

Friday, 10 October 2014

What I Learned From General Conference

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow conference was just so great! I can't believe it has almost been a week since the square was flooded with people. It is true the saying "The days move slow, the weeks move fast, the months move faster and years don't really happen" (okay I made most of that up, but you get my point). I got to see quite a few return missionary friends and hear about their new life adventures. They actually answer quite a few of my questions that I had brought to conference. I know as I study the other general conference talks my other questions will be answered. I have been coming to the square for personal study and companion study and reading the general conference talks, they are truly answer all the questions I have. My favorite at the moment is "approaching the throne of God in confidence".
As I listen to his first opening statements, questioning us on how we would feel if we were about to meet our God. I stoped and wrote down my feelings and than continued. He gives us 6 points to work on to help us become more confident for that day when we do have to approach the throne of God. I was delighted to read about how the atonement was key in helping us have confidence, my favorite line "Because the Atonement of Jesus Christ is very practical, you should apply it generously 24/7, for it never runs out.". It never runs out. Shouldn't that be music to our ears? I just feel so much gratitude for my Savior and the opportunity I have to repent every week as I get to partake of the sacrament. That I can have confidence when I see my Father again. The Saviors sacrifice just means so much more to me now.
So many people talk about how members of the church have a light about us. I think this light an confidence comes directly from our knowledge of the atonement of Jesus Christ. Knowing that as we do our best, the Savior takes care of the rest.

I can't imagine not having this knowledge... this is why people get discouraged in life. The knowledge we have... knowledge of what this life is all about, really take the temporal stress away, and leaves only the spiritual stress to put those important things first. Prayers, scriptures reading, temple work, church attendance, home teaching, visiting teaching etc these are the important things that help us be better and that is what we are going to score the highest on when our mortal life is all added up.
Okay I will be off my soap box for now. I love you all and hope you have a great week. 
Its your choice to follow our Savior. Its your choice to study these things out. But I know these thing are true and they will stand as a witness forever.

Remember you are Braver than you Believe, Stronger than you Seem and Smarter than you Think.
Your Sister Bascom

Mom note: I was on business in SLC. (The sisters on Temple Square are allowed to have one visit with their family.)  I surprised Lani and showed up on Temple Square and was able to spend a couple of hours with her. We went out for dinner and she gave me a tour of the visitors centre. (There may have been some tears spilt from both of us.) I got enough hugs to last me two weeks until we return to get reclaim her.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Conference IS COMIMG!

Dear Family and Friends
Again this week is just flying  as we get ready for conference TOMORROW!

We had a crazy but good ZTM (zone training meeting) this week and now we are going on exchanges. I LOVE exchanges, I feel I am the most selfless on exchanges (I'm still not perfect but I try). I just want the other sisters to shine and shine she did this week. We were able to focus on teaching people about the restoration. One women started to cry as Sister An shared the first vision. It was so powerful and she is going to meet with the local missionaries when she gets back to CA!
S is also FINALLY in touch with the missionaries in his area. Which is really exciting! He can't wait to get home to finish the discussions and get baptized.! He is just so great!

A has been having a hard time but she is doing everything right. She comes to temple square. Her brother is going to give her a blessing etc etc. Her mission papers have been delayed, but hopefully they will be off soon and we will see where she will go in 3 weeks!  She sent me one of my favorite talks "Forget Me Not" by President Uchtdorf in the form of a book and wrote the sweetest note inside. I will always cherish it. 
Sister Souzas progressing Investigator that she has been teaching FOREVER! Has finally set his own baptismal date and will be baptized on the 25th. So excited! Sister Agulara and Moreno are going to have like 12 baptisms this transfer. They are just teaching Spanish and Portuguese speakers and they are on fire! So proud!
Conference is going to be SO great! We get to go to Sunday afternoon session and there will be a special visitor coming after conference to see us... don't ask me who cause I still don't know.

Conference is like Christmas(I may have told you all this already) and I love Christmas. But we don't get physical gifts during conference only spiritual ones (Which are the best anyways.). I look forward to having the questions of my soul answered and being able to help others receive answers to theirs too.

I love you all have a great week!
Remember you are Braver than you Believe, Stronger than you Seem and Smarter than you Think!
Your Sister Bascom  

Friday, 26 September 2014

Do FIRST Things FIRST and SECOND Things NOT at All.

Missionaries LOVE mail!

Dear Family and Friends,
There is so much I could talk about today.... I honestly don't know where to begin....
I attended the temple dedication of the Ogden temple via satellite in the Joseph Smith Memorial building the last session. Elder Oaks, Pres. Ballard and Sister Burton spoke. It was really good! I have been trying hard to not make a ton of notes in meetings and devotionals.The instruction seems to go in one ear and out the other when I do that. I have now been writing the whisperings of the spirit in my planner on a daily basis. Things I want to do to be changed.  I feel that is a lot more productive.

Just got back from a ZL meeting it really motivated me to help the sisters in my zone! Speaking of being more productive I love what President taught us today. He shared with us the  way some of the most successful businesses achieve success. He based it off of this quote: "Do first things first and second things not at all"  He taught us to create a Daily Priority Task list. Its a little hard to explain over an email but I will send a picture of it in the future and explain more. Applying these skills will solve a lot of my stress about feeling like things are falling through the cracks. I can't wait to apply what he said.

P day always just seem so long and unproductive. Funny because it is called preparation day....

Sorry this is really scattered. I'm just in one of those can't sit still moods; but I have to stay with my companion.... oh well...

Remember you are Braver than you Believe, Stronger than you Seem, and Smarter than you Think.
Sister Bascom

Friday, 19 September 2014

Conference Center

I bet Sistah Bee know all these things plus more.

One Final ROUND

Sister Bascom started her mission of with her trainer Sister Dias from Brazil. 
Dear Family and Friends,

Well I love my new companion and our zone is going to rock the square this transfer again! (Mommy note: Lani's new comp is Sister Souza. She is from Brazil and they are both in their last transfer. Her parents are also picking her up.)

I have a lot of friends that are returned missionaries that talk about how much they miss this work and teaching all the time. This makes me want to savour every minute I have left. 

But this last week has been kinda hard. I feel like I am going through a little more purifying, the Lord isn't going to let me rest just yet. Nope not in my last 6 weeks of the mission. There have been the usual trials of the mission. Trying to find those who are prepared for the gospel and not get discouraged about those who aren't yet ready. Every person I seem to talk to have those deep questions that I still can't answer myself and bother me too…(I hate not being able to answer someones question.) Its really been a trial of faith, these last few days. 

My progressing investigator was about to drop us before I reminded him of how he felt on Temple Square. 

Relief Society was really what I needed though. There were 4 speakers all talking about how Temple Square had changed their lives. To hear about people that were touched by us without us really knowing it is really good.

As for the zone, it hasn't changed a ton. The DLs are the same awesome sisters. We have the best trainers in our zone! Sister Yeung is the new AP :p  We met with the DLs yesterday and we were able to talk about what we really want our sisters to feel this transfer and for the rest of their missions. The spirit was really present. We talked about really owning the square and the he power and authority of our calling. It was awesome! I can't wait for training meetings. This transfer will be great!

Remember you are Braver than you Believe, Stronger than you Seem and Smarter than you Think

Sister Bascom

And Finishing with Sis Souza also from Brazil.