Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Calgary Temple

I have had the unique opportunity that most youth do not get, to attend two temple dedications. The Vancouver temple in May of 2010 and the Calgary temple this last October. This October my family went on a tour of the temple before it was dedicated.  I was later able to attend the temple dedication via satellite.  It was nice to experience this with my family. The temple is a very spiritual place in which I can go to feel close to God, the ordinances performed there have blessed not only my family but so many others.

My experience with the events leading up to the Vancouver temple dedication was much more exciting than the Calgary temple. The night before the Vancouver temple was dedicated. I performed in the temple youth celebration (TYC),  TYC consisted of songs and dances performed by youth from all over BC for the prophet of God in Langley. To see him so close was amazing, but even more amazing then performing for him was being less then10 feet from him in the temple.  My parents were in the choir for the corner stone ceremony. Because of this we were able to go into the temple for one of the dedicatory sessions. Our family was able to get sits in the sealing room across from the room in which the prophet was directing the dedication. After he finished the dedication my siblings and I met him at the door to say hello and he said to us "What good looking kids, must have attractive parents". Ya thats right the prophet said I was good looking.  Two days later. The first day the temple was open we were able as a family to go into the temple to have my sister sealed to us for time and all eternity.

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