Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Announcement

Growing up I never gave much thought to a mission. It was something that the boys did and girls who had nothing better to do at the time do. As my guy friends began to leave on their missions and share their experiences. I started to feel like I was missing out on something amazing. Going on a mission wasn't part of the plan.  21 years old seemed so far away.  I thought I would be well into my schooling to become a dance teacher and hopefully be in a serious relationship with the man of my dreams.  

Today President Monson made an announced that has changed my life. Today he announced that the age that young women are now eligable to apply for mission service is 19 years old.  I didn't get to hear this announcement live like so many LDS youth. When my mom called me at work to share this exciting news. I knew this was meant to be. There as no doubt in my mind I was going on a mission. 

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  1. You will be a great missionary! I have loved having you in institute class I can feel your powerful testimony each week. I am excited you started a blog and I am excited to hear of your adventures