Wednesday, 18 September 2013

What Color are YOU???

Sister Barrett and Sister Bascom your friendly voices at the end of the line in guest services.

Dear Family and Friends
Awe the last few days have been awesome! 

We had the opportunity to go to FHE yesterday with REAL MEMBERS! My district went to a huge house with a nice family. Their son is serving in Taiwan. Funny story he was wearing a I love Taiwan shirt when he opened his call. :P 

While we were there we took a personality test called The Hartman Personality Profile it was really great. It was written by an LDS man. He has been studying this for awhile and he has figured out how to organize people to help them understand themselves and others better. There are four color codes Red-Power, Blue-Intimacy, White-Peace and Yellow-Fun. Everyone has a core of something. The key is to get rid of the down sides of that color code and incorporate or develop the traits of the other colors. I have a blue core but I also have a lot of white, then yellow and lastly red. But if I want I could try and develop some more red or yellow attributes. All people can change, you aren't stuck the way you are. All because of the atonement! Its really cool and very very very true about who you are. Those are their motivations and once you understand a person's core and motivation you get change your adapt towards them and work with them better, understand them more. See where this might be needed in missionary work with companions, investigators etc. It was so so so great. We were killing ourselves laughing because what he said was so true about ourselves, our companions and our friends. So you should all go take this test if you can and figure out if you are red, blue, white or yellow and read Brother Hartmans great book. I know I will when I'm done my mission :)

Had a great ASL meeting this week, we are going to see if we can have them twice a week now so we can improve our signing even more. We all have noticed our signing skill deteriorating, and Sister Vargas who took ASL classes in collage is wanting to pass off. We all need more practice to help her and the other visitors on the square. Its really bad when you can't use your mission language when needed.....

Sisters dressed in the national colors of Brazil for brazilian day.

Sister Barrett and I are doing great, she is so awesome and I know I can talk to her about anything. We want so much to be consecrated missionaries and we are helping each other with that :)

Ahh my RC (recent convert.) Sarah is being so awesome! She is such a member missionary. She has given me 2 people already to teach and her local elders are teaching another one I believe. She is very excited to share her new life with her friends and be an example to her family. It makes me feel so awesome!

Oh I had lovely visits from several friends (Caden, Wes, Chris and the Salmons.) on the square this week. They scared me half to death but so good to see them :D Even nicer to hear they are all preparing for missions and one has a call to Korea and the Salmons enter the MTC to go to Hong Kong.

Well thats all for this week
Keep being awesome!
Sister Bascom
The sisters on Temple Square represent about 50 nations and teach in 55 languages.

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