Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tender Mercies


Lani and a Sister going to Washington DC visitors center .
Part to the visitor center training they go for a a tour on Temple Square.
Lani was assigned to give one of the new sisters a tour.
I do not like going 13 days without a p-day. Last night I was just so tired and my whole body just hurt from sitting most the day. 

My new zone is AWESOME! I love that I am in the same district as Sister Briggs and Sister Siegle. They are companions and are like my two favorite people here. My district leader is from Mongolia and just came back from out bound.... I forget where though.

I am in guest services now, I take phone calls and set up tours, call sisters to take the tours, sort mail etc etc. Its awesome I love it! I love having that kind of responsibility. I think I will be staying in guest services for 2 transfers as thats the norm and train my next companion in it. 

My new companion is Sister Barrett, ya Bascom and Barrett the 2 B's :P She is awesome. She is from southern California near the Mexican border. She reminds me of Salt Spring Island. She has some hippyish clothes, is a ginger and is vegetarian.  She was once engaged. She is supper sweet a couple nights ago we stayed up talking about dance as she use to dance in high school too.. She just arrived last transfer so I am follow up training her.... (Sisters train for two transfers. I am finishing up her training.)  I find that hard as she is older then me and so much more experienced. She told me about how she went to China and taught English for several months. I'm So jealous when people talk about their travels. I want to do that so badly! I love how she decided to come on a mission  She actually visited TS before she got her call and told Sister Takahashi she didn't want to serve here. :P 

Last Sunday I went to go speak in a family ward! It as so awesome! I think I was close to crying for joy when I first walked in. I haven't been to a chapel in the longest time! They were supper nice. I spoke with sister Barrett (obviously) I spoke on families :) I had so much to say about the topic it was hard to fit it in 10 mins. We also performed a musical number "Come Thou Fount" Sister Fisher accompanied us on the violin. It went really well I would have driven but the President didn't sign my driving papers yet. So Sister Fisher did, which was great cause then she was able to accompany us on the violin and it was beautiful. I love Sister Fisher she is our RS president and she opened up to me once while role playing and told me how she had everything before her mission but she wasn't happy. Then she got the inspiration during conference to go on a mission. She was so upset and didn't want to talk to any of the TS missionaries :P Love her to pieces so glad she answered the call to serve. :)
Sister Bascom and Sister Dias at Music and The Spoken Word.
They get to go once a transfer.
Well before I started my P day today. I was talking on the phone with one of my investigators who called into me (This is a rare thing that I am on the computer when my investigators calls in). She was a golden chat that I took several weeks ago. She knows a LDS family and her daughter and their boy have become really great friends. He asked her if she wanted to read the Book of Mormon and she said "Yes." She went home told her mom and they bought a really old copy off of Amazon :P They both wanted to read it so A, the mom, came online to order one, I took her info and sent the missionaries. Well she is now at the beginning of Helaman and and told me she believes its true. After she is finished reading the book she wants to go to church with her family and said she would love for me to call and teacher her!

I love the tender mercies of the Lord. Like I said at the beginning of this letter I was so tired. I had dropped 3 people this week who told me they were not interested. It hurt to be rejected. Especially when people don't even want to try to read the Book of Mormon and then being told on the square that the "real" Jesus loves you is annoying. The only thing that kept me going last night when I was just dog-gone tired and depressed, is that I knew God always blesses me after a hard day, you can count on it every time.  This week has been crazy with adjusting to the new schedule and companion. After an awesome ASL meeting/catch up with sister John this morning, my conversation with A and  pizza and watching The Best 2 Years tonight :) Its going to be a great day and an even greater transfer! Maybe I will start counting of how many bad days I have and how the Lord blesses me right after it :) So I really really needed that :D He is amazing and I love being able to recognize his hand more and more in my life. He really does care about me. So he must really care about you too :)
Sister Bascom 
See the BIG smile on her face? That is because she is having her picture taken with John Bytheway.
 She LOVES him. I'm sure she was thrilled to meet him after he spoke to them at transfer conference.

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