Friday, 8 November 2013

Beginning To Look Like Christmas

Dear Friends and Family

Training is going great! I couldn't ask for a better companion. She is sweet and funny. We laugh so much together. We are learning together. She teaches me so much!  I am continuing to learn to how to balance lessons and tours. I'm getting better but thats one of the biggest things I struggle with.

We had a great district meeting on Wednesday night. Our District Leader Sister H is truly inspired, she asked us to give a 5-10 min lesson on something in Ch 10 PMG. The lesson we were able to plan helped everyone, but I think it helped me the most. District meetings always humble me. This week I learned again how much I still have to learn. It always seems that just when I get a little confident in my teaching abilities the Lord is very good at showing me my weaknesses and what I need to  work on. I constantly have to tell myself that I will never be perfect, but that doesn't seem to stop me much from expecting it from myself.

The Temple Square performance is on Tuesday! :) I'm getting excited and nervous. Oh we also get to go to The Savior of the World performance in a few weeks and then we get to give tickets to people we think would benefit from it! So good!

Before I emailed we went to an all you can eat buffet at Tucanos. It is really good Brazilian restaurant. The  best part as some people payed for ALL 14 of us. Thats half our whole allowance for the month and then some! We were so thankful it was SO good. 

On the way back I met a deaf homeless man looking for money to get home... I wanted to talk to him more. After I told him I didn't have any money to give him but he wasn't interested in speaking to me. I feel my ASL skills are improving with help from Matt that comes to the square several times a week now to practice. I hope to go to a deaf ward in a few weeks after the performance is done and things calm down a little before Christmas... Oh the lights are SO beautiful and I can't wait to see them all on :)

Can you believe I have less than a year left now!? I can't!!! I saw Elder Jensen again yesterday. I am looking forward to when Sister Schafer and I can teach a lesson together! (These are both missionaries serving in the SLC mission that are friends from home.)
Sister Bascom

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