Saturday, 16 November 2013

Dancing, Singing, Signing and Some MORE

Dear Family and Friends

The Temple Square performance went great! I was glad  that no one heard my mistakes! So glad all the sisters were praying for me. There was a deaf girl at the performance too. I was very glad Elder Sharp was inspired to have us interpret the fireside. I didn't get to talk to her much but she was very thankful that we did that.

I Got to see Saviour of the World last night, and WOW was it good! Maybe someday I will be able to perform in that. I walked home wanting to strengthen my relationship in Jesus Christ, I felt after watching the show that I barely knew him....

I don't like to waste the Lords time! I told someone that over chat the other day and they got upset. They took at as they were wasting my time, guess I have to be more careful. :/ I think I may have become a little to bold sometimes. Trying to have Christ like love and teach like him is really hard to do. I have found that logic and facts get you no where. Sadly bible verses hardly ever help as many people that I have meet know the Bible much better than I do and always have a different view of verses. So all I really have is my testimony and the Book of Mormon. Those are the only things that really bring the spirit because as I have learned I don't convert anyone on my mission the spirit does. I am simply its vessel, but thats hard all by itself. Trying to constantly have the spirit, having so much of it that it just spills off of you and people just want that, that is my purpose really here, to have the spirit to be an example and a witness.

P said that we might be able to teach his brother.  I want to teach him myself but also get the local missionaries involved. Thats how it works here we get peoples info and teach them over the phone and than we try and get them in contact with the local missionaries. Some times they don't want to talk to their local missionaries and would rather learn on the phone.  Sometimes the missionaries can't find their address and give up or there are no missionaries in the immediate area... like Africa need more missionaries.

For a zone activity we had a camp fire. (Ok it was a lamp that had fire taped to it and the white board had trees on it) We built our tents blindfolded (blankets and chairs), we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores (in the microwave)  and we watch Despicable me :D
It was great!
A great p-day over all 

Love yall! 
Sister Bascom

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