Monday, 10 March 2014

Burning Poles, Lost Keys and Fun On The Hill.

Sister Bascom on the stairs of the Lincoln memorial.
Dear family and friends,

It seems that this transfer is all about becoming a consecrated missionary. In zone training and  visitor center training becoming a consecrated missionary was talked about. So on top of the 40 day fast we did and then this training I feel sufficiently humbled and I really want to work on several things talked about in the consecrated missionary... I should probably read the 4th missionary since I'm on this roll.
The three "handiest" sisters to serve in the last decade in DC North.
In front of the reflection pool and the Washington Memorial.
Well let me tell you all the exciting things that happened this week. Monday As you all know we were snowed in. Tuesday Lost our keys so we couldn't  really go anywhere.... We turned our apt upside down three different times looking for them. Elder Pearson came and brought us the spare keys and then gave a strict charge not to loose them and find the other ones.
 Wednesday We called 911 when we drove past a telephone poll that was smoking, sparking and ON FIRE! Ya that was scary, but Sister Turley was very happy to call and report that :P Thursday We got to take down a members ceiling which was fun...... We also went to a deaf dinner at panara bread and I got to teach someone the first vision within 15 mins of being there, ya that felt awesome. I have defiantly seen my signing improve in just two weeks and even last night I could follow the conversation almost perfectly and so I didn't mind asking them to repeat a few things, it felt awesome!Friday The last week was a busy and happy one. Saturday Even more so when we were helping put the members ceiling up again and visiting a man in Fredrick in the Baltimore mission :) Yep I love going to 2 different missions in a week. Oh and we went to a really good Italian restaurant!

Yesterday we finally wrote the proposal to go into other missions to teach. We will see how President likes it. Hopefully by next transfer or at least by when the new missionaries get here we will have gotten permission to go to into Baltimore and Virginia-we really need to. But God's will not mine be done. If He doesn't want us to go to Baltimore and/or Virginia then I guess we have to storm DC till we find those people he has prepared for us.

Well today we are headed into DC again going to the holocaust museums. Preparing myself to have my heart torn to pieces.... Ya should be great!

Sister Bascom with the Washington Memorial behind her.

Remember you are Braver than you Believe, Stronger than you Seem and Smarter than you Think.

Sister Bascom

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