Tuesday, 18 March 2014

We Are Different And God LOVES Us Like That

Dear family and friends

Sorry I didn't email sooner we got snowed in and so they had us move preparation day to Tuesday... We spent Monday making our map and cleaning the house.

Today the zone went skating which was a ton of fun, almost got backwards skating down. My feet are cramping though... Need to eat a banana when I get home.

This week again has been frustrating in terms of trying to stay busy. We are knocking more doors where there was a deaf child playing signs on the street. We shared a video with our zone so if they saw any deaf people they could show it to them and we signed who we are and our desire to reach them about Jesus Christ. Hopefully something will come out of that.... We do have a few potential investigators though, right now we are just building a relationships of trust.  It's harder to get the deaf to trust you.

We will be moving this week to a new apt that is closer to the center of Maryland so we aren't so Far East

Well there has been a lot of hype with general conference coming up. I love conference. I always get tons of personal revelation and inspiration from the talks.  I'm really glad I'm not at Temple Square this conference because I want to listen to all of conference. The Square is extremely busy conference weekend and not everything that happens on the square is positive that weekend.

There is a group of women that are pressing for changes in church leadership and want to be ordained to the priesthood. We have been talking a lot about women and priesthood this week. I can tell you where I stand with this topic I support the current structure in the church and the prophet. I know that God has made us equal but in different ways. I know that I am just as important and capable as any priest-hood holder. I am fine to depend on a priesthood holder to access covenants, ordinances and blessings. I also know I have more power then I understand. I have access to more then I think and it is something I look forward to learning more about in my life.

I really don't like how the world thinks we need to be equal in all things, we are  all different, get over it! We look different, we act different, you need to different puzzle pieces for it all to fit together and make a beautiful picture. That is how it was made to be. I am different and proud of it.

Love you all hope you have a great week :)
Sister Bascom

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