Monday, 3 March 2014

Growing Zone

 Dear Family and Friends,

How are you all? We are snowed in, so today will be a lot of letter writing, cleaning, sleeping and cooking and entertaining ourselves with our really funny room mates. So I also get to really write a good email in my notes before I find WIFI and send it off :)

The last few weeks in the ASL program have been hard. We don't have investigators right now, they are all in DC and as of yet sisters can't go into DC for safety reasons. We are going to the 
Gallaudet University campus with with president and I pray for miracles to happen so that we can start working in there. The end vision we have is having three different branches, one in
Baltimore, DC and Virginia, with one or more companion ships in each branch.

So most of our time in the next few weeks will be spent writing a proposal as to why we the ASL missionaries, need to go into Baltimore and Virginia. Either having extended boundaries or being transfer to those missions... Yep we are not normal missionaries, and we are having to accept the fact that we won't have normal missionary days.

I think one of the biggest things I have learned on my mission what it means to be a true leader. Let me explain: Missionaries help run the mission especially on TS.  Some of the responsibilities are as district leaders, zone leaders, office assistants, assistants to the President etc. As they move "up" they have more responsibilities and less time to do missionary work quote on quote. They run around and care for the people in their district, zone or mission instead of the investigators. But even though they do this they still feel the need to teach and baptize, we are missionaries after all. But there is only so much time in a day and so when they don't have time to find, teach and baptize investigators they start to feel as if they aren't fulfilling their calling. 

One ASL elder here asked president if he could be transferred to English because he wanted to feel successful again... Missions are hard, being a leader is harder, in my opinion. So I decided that I'm okay being a missionary just a plain jane working missionary, and I will be happy with that. But of course one my favorite quotes "There is no comfort in the growing zone and no growing in the comfort zone." so the Lord knows when it is time to push me some more, hence why he sent me here...  

But the greatest complement I got yesterday from my mission president the other day he said "You are not the same sister I picked up at the airport." I feel I have become more confident in knowing my place and my purpose. I have come to know My Heavenly Father better as in I strive to know what he wants from me. I am more comfortable with who I am and not so shy. Everyday I am trying to be better, to get rid of old me and be different, more like Christ. It's really hard. I desire to be the best at what I am called to do.  I love president's confidence in me, it gives me confidence.

Missionaries I hope that when you go home you are unrecognizable. Non missionaries, I hope you are constantly looking to change and be better. Change is an opportunity, it's a new start. I love fresh starts, they're so.... Refreshing.

Well these are my thoughts for the week. I hope you all have a great
week, I love you all.

Remember you are Braver than you Believe, Stronger than you Seem and Smarter than you Think!
You really are! 
Sister Bascom

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