Thursday, 22 May 2014

Rocking the Square

Dear Family and Friends,

Things have been really good this week. Sister Peters and I are working get use to each other and become one. Its been hard adjusting back to the square. Sharing all those facts and sharing the gospel principles. Decerning who is ready for the gospel and who isn't. Presenting them what they need and not necessarily what they want. 
Sister Peters is really good at that. She is really observant and can just tell where those people are. Yesterday she spotted a man siting by the handcart monument. We started talking to him about the mission he had just gotten back from and turns out he served in Sister Peters ward. Not just in her ward but he even taught in her house! Ya so miracle there. We have asked him if he would like to help us in teaching people that we have lessons with. He said he would love that. 

Another miracle: She spotted another man siting at the temple model and she just sat down and asked him what brought him. His friend is serving a mission in Germany. He told him to come here (Already good when a missionary friend tells you to go somewhere and he did. )  He wants to serve a mission too, but isn't making the greatest choices in his life right now. We shared a lot with him and at the end he asked when he could see us again. I almost started crying when he asked us that). He as such a desire to serve a mission. Why? Because he sees his RM friends and what they were like before and what they are now. He hears the experiences from his friends on missions and he wants to do things like that. But he doesn't really have a testimony of the temple, The Book of mormon or anything  but he sees missionaries and he wants what they have. Well we will start with that :D 

Oh Sister Tuft (Hope) and Elder Alca (Andre) found me on the square and both said they would love to be a member present (As explained above. Is a member of our faith that helps to present basic lessons on what we believe. Hope has been helping me teach K a professor in FL that is really interested in the church :) We have him on date as well as Theresa for before the end of the transfer. We have been getting so many member presents, well really focusing on having one for each of our investigators Before  I went out bound I had maybe 2 member presents in a lesson. Well I have had that again in my first week back and another 2 this week :) We really want to fulfill our purpose as missionaries and bring people closer to Christ through baptism. Sister Peters and I have really been talking about and how to invite people to be baptized  without disrespecting this sacred ordnance.....

Elder Clark of the 70 came again this week and he brought the same fire as last time. He focused on the Book of Mormon this time and how we need to be asking everyone "What page of the Book of Mormon are you on?" The Book of Mormon is the most correct of any book on the Earth. We need to be reading it daily and feasting upon its words. I have started it again and I invite all of you if you aren't already reading it start tonight. And if you are presently reading it I want to know and Elder Clark wants to know what page you are on?
Hope you all have had just as great as week as mine. I want you to know that it was great because I went down a lot, but came right back up the next day. It was so good! The Lord really does break us down and build us up to be better.

Remember you are Braver than you Believe, Stronger than you Seem and Smarter than you Think.
Sister Bascom  

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