Thursday, 15 May 2014

Throw BACK Thursday

Dear Friends and Family
Awe lucky you, you get to hear from me twice in one week :P

Wow, it is so good to be BACK. The square is beautiful, the sisters are all beautiful and its all just so beautiful! I just love being here again. Its like outbound was a dream and I have woken up and back at Temple Square.

 My companion is Sister Peters from Arizona. Its been crazy because Sister Peters and Sister Siegle flight got cancelled for repairs so they just here an hour or so ago. (They both came back from outbounds in FL.) I have been with Sister Dutra, Sister Seigle's companion. Sister Dutra is amazing, we took some mandarin tours with Sister Ma and it was awesome! She such a good testifier! I have also been able to take two calls and both referred themselves! I'm excited to call my old investigators and really jump into teaching. Sister Peters is really excited and high energy, I'm going to have to keep up :P  Sister Peters and I are going to have so much fun there!  

I have been called as district leader again in the West Gate zone the same one as before. I look forward to getting to know my district better. My zone is awesome! Sister Seigle is in my zone. Sister Opeda and Briggs are my zone leaders :D The APs are Sister Ordones and Sister Garcia. It's feels a little weird because its like  back in high school when you come back after summer break and now your the 12th grader and no one is older than you.

A Few things have changed here, President Pollson is trying to make this mission more like the others. We won't get as much special treatment. like going to Brighton girls camp! ahhhh I will miss that. Zone conferences aren't going to be a big thing either... no more going awesome places. Its all good, some of the changes are really good. Like the fact that we have 200 sisters to run the square this summer, that will be really nice. We have a lot more square time too. Some sisters also have studies in the evening (us) so we are on the square early but then go home at 8 to do companion study. I think I will like that.

This morning Sister Dew came and talked to us for Relief Society about women and the priesthood. She gave a lot of insight and her perspective about a lot of things. It really helped me as I know a few people who do support ordain women and I want to know how I can talk to them about it without getting into an argument. The biggest thing that I took away is the simple truth is that this is Gods church. It is not run by men and God is smarter than us, he knows what is best. Satan isn't pulling fast ones over on our Father. We don't need to worry. :)
Sorry I don't have more to say today still a little scatter brained, but hopefully next week I'll be a little bit more grounded...
Love you all!
Remember you are Braver than you Believe, Stronger than you Seem and Smarter than you Think.
Sister Bascom  

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