Monday, 27 October 2014

Missionary Meets World

The departing group

Dear Family and Friends,
Well this is it... my last pray, my last email from TS.
Okay so I don't get released for another 2 weeks, but Monday is pretty much my last day on TS. In all honesty I think I am glad I'm not going to be released. I feel like it will be a nice transition. I'm sure my sisters will get me all caught up on everything... kinda nervous about that.

Brother Archuleta came and spoke to us a few weeks ago and he told us about how as soon as he got back from Chile he flew to LA to get back into music. But when he got there he was so over whelmed with the world and how they wanted to focus on him and make him look awesome that he came back home and hid in his house for 2 weeks :P Yes a funny story but I learned a lot from it.

The world really is all about me, me, me... but as a missionary it's about everyone but us. We sacrifice everything for another, our investigator, our companion, God etc. To come back to a world that tells you to just focus on you and your wants and your needs is the complete opposite to the way we have lived as missionaries. No wonder it is hard to go back home. You don't have that spiritual bubble and you have to let go, at least a little bit and start to think about your future. School, work, marriage etc. Thats hard.... Well my parents have always taught me to plan and have goals so I think I have it a little easier than some. Sister Souza is pulling her hair out trying to plan her next steps in life when she gets home. Brother Archuleta said he still doesn't know what he wants to do with his life... But thats okay. Slow and steady win the race right? I've been really learning to slow down on my mission and just enjoy the moment... thats harder for me to do sometimes, okay a lot of the time.
So I still have a few kinks to work through. Good I need to be doing something.

I really like the words of my best friend at the end of his mission:
"Honestly, when I'm home, you may not recognize me. You may not know who I am anymore, and I think that's okay. Maybe you won't like who I've become, or how I act differently. You might be surprised by my testimony, my maturity (one way or another), or how I look. I am different than before, you know---the things that were good are better. The things that were bad are slowly departing, and [18 months] is a long time for medication to work its wonders on the human soul."

As I end mine... I just want you all to know that I love you. I love my Savior. I was hoping I would know him better on the other side, and I do :) I was hoping I would get rid of some bad habits, gain some better ones. Love deeper, see more meaning in life. Know how to express myself in a better way. I'm not perfect at any of these things, but thats okay because perfection doesn't come in this life. As long as its better... better than it was. 
For those of you I will see soon please be patient with me. I think this all might hit me soon and I might hid like Brother Archuleta did :P God willing I don't bit off more than I can chew ;)

I love you all. I love my mission. I can't really express it all in words, but I hope you get the picture.

Remember you are Braver than you Believe, Stronger than you Seem
and Smarter than you Think
Sister Bascom 

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  1. Loved your comments and ideas. So right on. Just think what an influence it can be on a person going to University where the best ideas for living a happy life are taught AND PRACTICED for 18 months TWENTY FOUR SEVEN!!!! There surely will be some major changes and those changes will be an eternal blessing for you and others.