Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hot off the Prez.

President Gillette also announced this week that we have been given permission to get a total of 220 sister missionaries serving on Temple Square! That's a huge number! Especially since when they first changed the age, they had originally said that our mission numbers would stay the same and not increase. Guess they realized how much we are dying on the square and spread thin with all the millions of guests that visit so they let us increase our numbers. We are now having new sisters come in the middle of transfers because we need to build up our numbers quickly. And we even have two new Mandarin speakers that were serving in Missouri and Idaho who were asked to serve here for 3 months, helping us with all the Chinese people, before they go back and finish at their original mission. Crazy! We are going to have so many new sisters! And within the next 5 weeks we will get 30 from the MTC. Pretty much our whole mission will have to be training and there will probably be trio's training as well.

They are presently operating at about 200 so a 10% increase should lighten the load on TSQ. 

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