Friday, 21 June 2013

Off and Running

Week 2:

I started off and running. We may have almost 200 sisters serving here but that does not mean there is enough.
Zone conference was today and yesterday and we are definitely feeling the lose. With half the sisters gone for most of the day. I almost felt guilty for leaving at 1pm to start my pday, almost.... :P
Sister Dias and I are getting closer everyday. We are finding out more about each other and learning to live together. I am getting to know the other sisters I serve with too. They are all supper awesome out going people. They are ALL very strong in the faith. I mean you have to be when you have people questioning your beliefs all the time.

Sister Diaz and Sister Bascom
I got to sign for the first time, for a deaf boy at one of the conferences a few days ago which was great. I did that with Sister Muller (the senior signer) so no I am now passed off and can be asked to do ASL tours. Every language has to be passed off here. It use to be that you have to pass it off before you could use it. But with the limited amount of sisters and the high demand for every language. You now just need to pass it off when you get the chance and take and do what you can until then. So I have to pass off English in the next few days too :P If we can find the time. 
So here are some of the things I do at Temple Square:

Most of the time we are either on the square or in one of the teaching centres (TC).  When we are on the square  we wander around and talk to people and ask if they would like a tour.  We also get texts about groups in  different areas on the square who would like a tour. Who ever texts back first gets the tour.  When we are in the TC  we call, email or text our investigators. Sister Dias has a lot of Brazilian investigators so I can't do much with them sadly, but I have a good group of people I call and talk to. Quite a few young people which is awesome. I have one investigator who tried to Google me! Trying to figure out what I look like :P
So these are the two places I am usually at. I also have some desk jobs sometimes at
EF eternal families
TC temple construction
MAP map of Jerusalem
GP god's plan
WG west gate etc

I really love it here. Zone conference was so much fun. Our mission presidency is awesome. We have such fun with them. President and Sister Gillette have the CUTEST family ever. We went to their house for breakfast and then to ''This Place" a pioneer village. Sounds like we will be going there a lot for service projects and other activities.
The Sisters and Pioneers Eating Lunch
Honestly I am not finding the work itself that hard, there is just so MUCH of it. I wish I had more personal study time to prepare. But you work with what you got, and right now I will have to live with that. I love doing youth conferences. We have at least 2 or 3 a day. One right after the other. We had the EFY youth running around the other day asking us where we were from and what languages we spoke it we really fun.

I had two youth conferences today we focused a lot on the sacrifice of the pioneers. I love talking about this with the youth. I want them to really think about some of the things they are willing to give up to become closer to our Saviour. I bore my testimony about what I had given up and what  missionaries give us to serve our father in heaven. ServingI brings me closer to him. I love this work I get the privilege of doing. I try not to miss home too much as it will take up my time when I should be focusing on why I am here. I know it will go faster than I think. Then it will be gone and I will never get have this experience again.

Thats all for today folks.
Love you all lots.
Love mail so send me your addresses and I will write you.
Sister Bascom

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