Friday, 28 June 2013

I'm Melting

Sister Dias and Sister Bascom with their WHOLE mission behind them.

Dear ___________ (fill in name here)

It is so hot here! 104 F today that's like in 40's in C (I'm not going to spell that). So ya I'm kinda dying. I mean I can't complain really when I'm in AC buildings most of the day..... so I'll just stop now.
Wow everyday I learn so much. I got to give my zone leaders a tour the other day and they gave me so many tips it was amazing. They teach me so much. I am really having to learn balance between me and my companion. I mean its okay when I don't know the answer and so I just let her take over but when I know the answers I want to answer every question. As I can be a bit of a control freak that can happen a lot..... Like I said I am learning so much everyday. Another thing I have been trying to do is keeping things as simple as possible as deep doctrine stuff is really hard to explain.

I got the opportunity to go to the history museum here a few days ago, and my favourite part was looking at and reading all the things about the past prophets. They truly are men of God. They are all so good and have done some much good. Not only in the church but in the world. I love this gospel I feel so blessed to be on my mission right now.

I try to not let it get me down that we don't have many progressing investigators and that we don't get to contact every tour we take. Sister Dias and I just focus on the fact that we are planing so many seeds. I think of Abinadi a lot and how he never saw the fruits of his labor and how I may not get to see mind. But I know that I am still planting and I try to follow the spirit all the time.
Well thats all for now, I mean I could say more but I'm sure you have other things to do :P
Hope you are all having a great summer God bless.
Sister Bascom :D

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