Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Snail Brought More News

Dear Family,

It is freezing here. We haven't figured out how turn off the AC in our classroom nor the heat in the dorms. :p It is really quiet frustrating.

Yesterday we had TRD ( That is when volunteers come in and we teach them.) Last week was terrible. I was SUPPER tired and I barely understood what was being signed. It was good to see where I am at with my signing skills now.  Some deaf people sign so FAST. (Just wait until she tries to understand a child ;))

This week Sis J and I taught a girl named M and her bf N. Both were very nice. M talked and signed at the same time. So it was pretty easy to understand her. She shared her life story with us. She is the only member of her family that is deaf except for a distant cousin. When her mother learned she was deaf she learned and taught her as much sign language as she could. Her parents are divorced but she has a good relationship with both them. She loves to travels to see her family all over the world. She was living in DC but felt inspired to move to Utah. So she broke up with her bf, quit her job said good bye to her friends and moved to Utah.  M has a new bf N whom was with her. He is really sweet and a recently returned missionary. They met when he was serving his mission in DC. They started dating after she moved to Utah. N let me know that he is planning on asking M to marry him but it's a secret shh! They like to go to temple square so I hope to see them again.

Sis Bascom went on to say that she sang in a meeting. She said she shook the whole time which confused and frustrated her but she felt it went well. She proceeded to tell us: That before RS they get to listen to Music and the Spoken Word. She really enjoys this. She also said that the music in RS meetings are exemplary she enjoyed a trio of O Redeemer of my Soul that was accompanied by a violin and piano.

She commented that to date she hadn't seen E. Leavitt but added a post script that she ran into him. They were so excited to see each other that they forgot they can't hug and almost hugged but caught themselves.

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