Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Celestial View, Music and Instruction

This week has really flown by (I feel like I have said that before.....). We have our zone activity today! Watching a movie and having pizza again :) Sister Pein (Bein really, that's a long story :P) and I want to make poutine (for those of you who do not know what this is, it is fries with gravy and  fresh cheese on top and is pure Canadian.) this week or next, to bring out our Canadian sides :P She is from Montreal but grew up in Taiwan. She is awesome! Pretty much my favorite person here! She is just a transfer behind me so we will get a lot of time together. Hopefully we will be in a zone or district again next transfer together :D

Oh so last p-day sister Dias, our zone leaders and I all went up to Ensign Peak. It was a hard hike but it was so beautiful up there. Ensign Peak is where Brigham Young envisioned how Salt Lake City should all be laid out and organized. Even though there were a ton of people up there us 4 sisters definitely made a little holy place there. We sat and sang High on a Mountain Top, Come Come Ye Saints and Praise to the Man as we looked over the beautiful Salt Lake City. I hope to visit that place several more times on my mission and many times after.

So we had a very exciting announcement about a very special speaker coming to TS to meet us. You should have been there to hear all the sisters gasps when the president said his name. Hahaha  it was too funny.  So yesterday we had this very special guest come and speak to us for about 45 mins. He had to run to a meeting with the first presidency but promised he would return again because he wanted to shake all our hands. He gave a incredibly uplifting talk about how we stand shoulder to shoulder with him and the rest of the 12 and the first presidency. That we should not think that we can't do this and that if we do just remember he and the other general authorities of the church are standing with us. He spoke to us about the first 12 and how they had to tackle the whole world themselves and how they must have felt. I wish I could have recorded it so I could listen to him again and again. I guess I will just have to read my notes over and over again instead. He was funny and kind, and I can't wait to see him again soon. I only hope he comes before the end of the transfer as Sister Dias was very upset when he had to leave. She really wanted to talk to him and remind him of a promise he had once made to her when she was younger. 

I have really found a passion for learning about the deeper doctrines here. I have always loved learning more about the second coming. I have the best discussions with some of the sisters here :)
I want to learn more about our Family History, where we came from, how and why we came to be here, how the gospel has played a part in their lives too. I just have this hunger to know so much now I almost find it hard to believe that I could possibly learn anything else from my mission, I already feel like my cup in running over with knowledge and experience, but I'm sure God has much more in store for me :)

We also got to have Sister Oaks come and speak to us this last week. Her children performed some beautiful pieces of music, including Jenny Oaks on the violin :) 

Hope you all have a great week 
Lots of love
Sister Bascom

Mom note: Don't you LOVE how she left you in suspense on whom the guest speaker was?
Meeting with First Presidency.
Shoulder to Shoulder him and the rest of the Quorum of 12 and the First Presidency.
Other General Authorities are standing with them.

Answer from her letter to the family:

Elder Holland

So jealous. Don't you wish you could just sit at his feet for 45 minutes.

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