Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Your BEST!

Dear ________
This has been a great week!! Soo much has happened and I'm loving my mission more and more!

Well to start I will just mention that my grandparents have been reunited together in heaven close to their 50th wedding anniversary. They have a beautiful love story, very romantic in fact. They met many years a go on a beach while my grandfather was serving in the navy. They wrote each other back and forth for many years till they were able to be married. They loved each other deeply, even as I little child I could see that. I am sad that I wont see them for awhile. I am happy to know that they are together again and no longer suffering here.
I only hope I can have a love story like their's someday :)

I am very excited as my investigator who I have been working with since the beginning of my mission has finally said he believes The Book of Mormon is true!!!! Probably the highlight of my week. :)
I have definitely felt like a planter this week. So many people have come through the Beehive House this week and I knew they felt something. I know that they will someday accept the missionaries and be reminded of their experience here in Salt Lake. Maybe they will even think about that little 19 yr old girl in the Beehive house who first told them about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, even just for a moment.

I have also learned this week that I can't expect other sisters to work at my level, or me at theirs. That we all have different levels of work and we are all doing our best. I have also learned that I talk and walk very fast. Sometimes even at the same time :P Its great because this week I have been asking for God to show me my weaknesses and he defiantly is. Before I didn't really understand Ether 12:6 but as I have seen the places I need to work on I have been so thankful for its guidance. I now look at my trials as a blessing, a chance to grow. I know this life isn't going to be easy. That isn't the purpose of this life. This is a time of test and trails. I actually lie in bed some nights just thinking of what trials the Lord might send me and how I would deal with that. 
I know I'm weird..... Hope you will all still accept me. I know I am far from perfect. I could spend hours listing my faults, but I love the Lord and want to do his will, I am trying to give myself to him and it is a lot hard then I thought. So if you have any suggestions I would be happy for them, that is one thing I have learned to love as well, corrective criticism. I think my biggest goal right now is to become humble. Thats defiantly something I feel I need to work one. I depend on my own knowledge way to much.

So I'm pretty sure I have the best mission is the world and I think you will think the same in a minute when I explain. Well we get to go to the Salt Lake temple once a transfer on our p-days.The last p-day of this transfer all the sisters will get to go to the Bountiful temple!!! I'm so excited this will be the 7th temple I have gone to :) Oh and our President said he doesn't want us wandering around the Square looking like "zombies" any more. We are really being run off our feet with all the people on the square and the extra hours we are having to put in. I guess last summer half the sisters were sick and in wheel chairs. So that is why we have a lot more sisters on square this year. We are now being give full p-days till the end of the transfer (3 p-days)! So ya I have the best mission. :P
Sister Dias and I have both been trying our best to stay focused this week, that has been our companion goal, and probably will be till the end of the transfer. My companion goes home at the end of this transfer and yesterday we had a finish strong meeting where the sisters talk about what they would do to stay strong till the end of their mission. We hear some inspirational presentations from our President and AP(assistant to the president.). We watched a clip from one of my favorite movies "Facing the Giants". I like the part where the coach pushes his player to his absolute best and as I watched that I though about the coach being our Father in Heaven telling us that same thing "You promised me your best! Your Best! Don't give up on me! You promised me your best! Don't stop till you have nothing left, I know it hurts, but you don't give up. Its all heart from here. You promised me your best!" I will never forget these words and every time I feel like giving up I pray that I will remember them: "You promised me your best" And I did. I promised my best on my mission and here on earth.  I promised I would give Heavenly Father everything and I will. I will give all that I have.

Thank you for all your prayers 
I love you all and pray for you as well 
All my love Sister Bascom :D
Salmon at the Lions House

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