Wednesday, 28 August 2013

God is VERY much AWARE of Us!

The Mission went to the Bountiful Temple to see the new media presentation.
Dear Friends and Family
I am excited about transfers. I hope I train but I am willing to also learn for another seasoned missionary. I love exchanges for this reason. I went on an exchange with Sister Finau from Tonga just a few nights ago. She was supper sweet and I loved her boldness she just wanting to get to know people and their families.

OOOHHH funny moment! Sister Finau and I took a chat with a member. This man wanted to know if he had to be married to get into the Celestial Kingdom. I shared with him D&C 76:50-54 I think. :P Anyways it talks about the requirements of the Celestial Kingdom. When we asked why he wanted to know. He said he had prayed to God about dating and had received the answer that he was to remain single for his whole life. After several minutes of explaining the blessings and commandment of having a family we asked him how old he was. Now Sister Finau had mentioned near the beginning of the conversation that we should ask him his age, but I hardly ever do this so we didn't until now: He is 15. Ya, I laughed SO hard when he said this. He was so relieved to find out that it was not wrong for him to not want to date or have a relationship right now as he wasn't even suppose to steady date until after he has served a mission. I feel bad for the poor kid, no wonder his Bishop laughed when he told him his singleness plan. Poor guy. Anyways I have learned my lesson, I will always ask how old a person is now, so I know what aged group I am dealing with over chat....

I have just gotten back from the Bountiful Temple. It was so beautiful!!! I just love going to the temple, before the session started some temple workers came and talked to us about how we can learn more from our temple experience. They shared some amazing scriptures with us, right after the session. I sat down in the Celestial room and looked up those scriptures. Wow were they awesome! The topics are a combination of missionary work and temple work. They go on to talk about the last days and the signs of the time. I love reading about this time, but have tried to not study it as much and stay focused on just the basic principles so I can teach better. 

I feel like Heavenly Father was guiding me, he knew of my deep desire to know about the time we are living in and so he showed me some scriptures that helped answer my questions. I have found he has been doing this a lot. In this months Ensign there is a beautiful talk by Brad Wilcox on grace. One of the main things people come on chat or the square to argue about is that we only need grace. I have been wanting to study works and grace so as to better explain it, but I felt that I would just be "Bible Bashing" and again tried to focus more on doctrine. I hope you will all read this talk and be able to understand grace and works more through it I know I have and I have love how Heavenly Father lead me to that so I understand it more and can know how it better explain it to other. 

Just these few experiences have really helped me know that my Father is watching me and knows the desires of my heart. I have always been scared to hand my life over to him because I thought he didn't know what I wanted. Now I know that he does, he really really knows me inside and out. It's still hard but I feel more willing and able to give him control over every part of my life, because he knows what I want in my life, but he still knows whats best. So he will give it to me just at the right time, usually after he has pushed me and tried my faith. For ye receive no dwitness until after the etrial of your faith. I have had this scripture come to my mind a lot this week, and throughout my short mission.

I know that God loves us and he knows what is best, but we have to trust him and ask his help. I have learned that too, God is so loving he really has given us our agency and he will not do anything, he cannot do anything for us, no matter how much he wants to, till we ask his help and guidance. Another reason why I love him more and more each day.

Love you all Sister Bascom

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