Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Mission T shirts the back says
Temple Square Mission All Nations Shall Flow Unto It

A mission is an emotional roller coaster. It is! One day is awesome, everyone refers (Wants to know more.). You feel awesome and you want to do this all day every day. Other days you get nothing but hatters, your late for everything, your companion and you aren't getting along... So you feel so beaten up at the end of the day. Well lately its been more of A than B things have been going well. The only haters I have talked to recently are over chat and they are easy to say good bye to. ;)

I have one baptism coming up at the end of the month! The first one I feel comfortable to call my own. Sarah came on chat wanting to know how to join the church. Her BF is leaving on a mission soon and they have been reading The Book of Mormon together. She realizes this is something that she wants. :D She is supper sweet and very excited. She lives 5 mins from a new chapel in NY. I am supper excited for her. This experience is really what I need to help be feel confident with my other investigators.

Lani found an totem pole in Utah. 
Saturday we had a mission activity and we went to Brighton Girls Camp for either the morning or afternoon (Have to leave the square manned). We went on a ropes course and zip line. My favorite was when we did life line. I have done it once before when I was younger. This one wasn't as developed. You are blind folded and are taken to a rope. You have to find your way to the end. When you get there we were welcomed home. They connected everything to the gospel. I look at this simulation like this earth life: We are given a little instruction and then left to fend for ourselves. We meet people along the way that are just like us, lost and confused. There were different ropes i.e. different choices that we had to make. It was so sweet and wonderful to finally be welcomed home. I think my favorite part was at the end. We were still blind folded and sitting down holding the sister's hand next to us.  I sat and thought about my experience. I thought how we really are in this all together. I thought how important it is that we help one another. At the end we want to be holding the ones we love. It was a great experience and I hope I can go again next year :)
Sister Bascom and Sister Briggs
Sist Briggs and Lani were in the same tour training group in the MTC
Sister Briggs is from Washington State so she is almost Canadian.

I have been spending a lot of time with my zone leaders Sister Davis and Sister Zomerosca. They are both amazing girls. They are both going home in the next couple of transfers.  I want to  spend as much time as possible with the both of them. We have been going on many exchanges with them because sister Z and I are in choir together. We have had a lot of practices with performances this week. We performed yesterday for the CES broadcast and we will perform again this afternoon we are singing 2 extra songs today. So glad I get the chance to sing every week, music truly invites the spirit.

Sisters in the Choir that performed for the CES Broadcast.

Thats all for this week
Love you all! Thanks for your prayers, letters and emails. They lift my spirits :)
Sister Bascom

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