Monday, 20 January 2014

No Time

Dear Family and Friends,

I'm sorry I haven't emailed my emailing time has been cut in half in the new mission, but thats okay just means I have to write more letters, so I need your addresses. Letters are better than emails anyways so :)

Well let me tell you about my new mission I'm in the Washington DC North mission. Well being outbound it kinda awesome.DC has been great!  I miss Temple Square (TS) is someways but not in a lot of ways. Like MEMBERS! Ahh member are awesome! We have just been shown such love and support from them. They are so willing to help us. Feels like I have a family again. Okay TS was a family but I don't like having that many sisters my age... Still adjusting to working with Elders though. 

I love being assigned to a ward the P's are my favourite I think. Sister P is so very very sweet, her cooking is great too. So healthy. We have been there twice to eat now and she came out to contact with us the other day. They were living in the middle east before here. Her husband works for the world bank. They are very strong in the church, their oldest is 14 and youngest almost a year I think. They all have been very loving and supportive.

We have had some great experiences. The first two doors we knocked on in our new area both said we could come back :)) It was a total blessing. This area hasn't been tracked really well in about 10 years. The ward is divided into two areas and we the sisters are out in a small town called Poolesville and the surrounding communities. There is a church on every other street here too! They are very prepared humble people we are very excited!

Sister Johnson and I have been working really hard and have been having a lot of fun. She is the closest companion I have ever, the long car rides help :P With all this working out I have been doing with Sister Johnson I have been needing to eat more and I'm trying to eat really healthy, I think God is trying to tell me something with me having all these vegetarian and health nuts for companions. My pants are actually getting a little loose on me now! :D The trick now is to keep all this exercising and eating healthy up after sister Johnson and I are no long companions. 

I'm glad I will be able to teach more and more deaf people. For the next 4 months I can FB (Facebook) them and teach them that way and then when I get back to TS I can VP (Visual Phone) them :) (Our local elders have contacted some people that ASL is their primary language and they can't teach them as they don't know ASL. Lani can teach anyone that uses ASL any where in the world so we can connect them and voila problem solved how to share our basic beliefs.)

The weather has been cool here it is suppose to snow this week and last time it snowed all the missionaries had to stay home... :( Dislike! I hope that doesn't happen we have too much to do!

Sorry this is one of my shorter ones but I got to go now!
Sister Bascom

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