Monday, 13 January 2014


We got a very short email from Sister Bee today. In her email she said she is not a fan of flying. She hit it off with her new mission president. She also indicated that she has much shorter email time in this mission. Because of this snail mail may be a better option for any one whom wants to send her love. Her new mission address is in the side bar on the home page of her blog. 

We learned her companion's name is Sister Erin Johnson and is from Colorado Springs, Colorado. She loves to exercise. Just before she was emailing they were doing yoga at a member's home.  They both have birthdays coming up. They are born a week apart. She is in her 5th transfer. With Lani being new to this mission Sister Johnson is the senior companion. They are both new to the area so it will be the blind leading the blind this transfer.

They are serving is the Seneca Stake which is in Montgomery county the top norther part of the DC North mission.  The are assigned to the Seneca ward which can be found in German Town MD. The area they are assigned to is in the country side of Poolesville, MD. I have attached some pictures of this pretty area. Not so pretty in January.:/  Poolesville is a conservative upper middle class community that's pretty vanilla. 

She feels that we all see and hear more from her as this allows the missionaries to use Facebook for contacting and teaching. She is deciding whether she will clean out her current Facebook account or if she will start a new one. If you get an invite from a Sister Leilani Bascom it our good ol Lani Lou.

For those of you that don't know DC North mission has a unit of our church that conducts services in ASL, for the large deaf community in this area. There are presently three elders serving and teaching in ASL in this mission. Two of which go home next transfer. The remaining elder is Elder Wood whom Lani met in the MTC.  He was not called as an ASL missionary but has members of his family that are deaf and knows sign language.  Lani said he was very surprised to see her on transfer day. Lani also wrote that there are more ASL missionaries coming next transfer. She feels that her companion will stay in the Seneca ward and she will be transferred south to DC to work with the deaf. Lani's hope when she went outbound was that she would be assigned to a deaf unit and be able to develop and use her ASL MORE.

Stayed tuned for more adventures from DC .
Sister Bee's  Momma

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