Monday, 7 April 2014

Popcorn trees and an Uncomfortable God

Dear Family and Friends,

Well I am back in my old area with my favorite companion Sister Johnson and Sister Black. Sister Black arrived in DC last transfer.  Sister Black is great! She is so funny and easy to talk to. She really pays attention to what you say and has a sincere desire to know more about you. I love being able to serve with these two sisters. While I am with them I will have visitor center hours. So I have been able to look through my contacts and be online to take calls and chats again. I called P my recent convert because I saw he let me a message in Feb wanting to talk to me. He has a new job...  Another contact B works Sundays and hasn't been to church much. I hope to talk to him again before I go back to the ASL program next Wed.  as he didn't have much time to talk.  I hope to encourage him to go and receive the blessings that come from going to church.

One of our investigators here D is great she really just needs to be baptized. She is waiting for her second "son" to come and visit because she wants him and no one else to baptize her. Now she calls him fatty mcfat butt now because he just got back from serving a mission in Texas, "They grow them big in Texas." she says :P

Thursday night we scared her so bad though as we have been doing to everyone. By me surprising them by my presence and then telling them that Sister Black has gone home. First we got Katie though, was so funny took her a minute to realize it was me, then dee arrived. Her eyes got so big when I turned around, wish I had video taped that, and then when she heard that Sister Black had gone home she started talking about how she knew something was wrong and maybe it was for the best.... Well she told us all that we all sucked :P aj was the best though, I have met him several times before but he thought I was a new missionary, we were all laughing at him so hard... Poor guy.

Well I hope you all enjoyed conference and were spiritually fed. I know I was and I can't wait to start studying all of those wonderful talks. I hear priesthood was the boom, really want to hear Elder Oakes talk. From the memes on FB sounds like he really took a stand. Elder Holland's talk of course was amazing about the kind of God we worship, not a comfortable God that's for sure. Like I always say, no comfort in the growing zone, no growing in the comfort zone :) God loves to push us out of our comfort zone. Elder Andersen said some great things as well, sorry if I can't quote him as I don't have my note book and need to watch/read it again. But a general theme that I loved was obedience to Gods commandments. We live in hard times where to world grows increasingly further from God and they try to drag us with them, we really do need to stand firm in what we believe no matter what the world says to us. 

Well that is my resolve in life. Things aren't going to get any easier, this is just the beginning. I hope you all have a great week and stand strong in the faith. I LOVE you all.  I testify that I know this church is true,  that we have just heard from our living day prophet Thomas Monson.  The Book of Mormon is truly Gods word as is the bible. I invite you to study them both so at you may know what you should do (2 Nephi 32:3).

From Sister Black's blog:
Sister Cooke organized a run for the sisters which was about
a 2 mile run. It was really fun, except it was pouring rain. At first
I didn't mind and it was just fun, but once we ended at the Jefferson
memorial and had to stand around for 30 minutes waiting for Sister
Cooke and her daughter to drive back with our bags we left with her,
the cold and the water set in. We were freezing. We all huddled
together and took turns running our hands under the hand dryer in the
bathroom. When she eventually came back with the bags, we walked
another mile to buy sweatshirts and food. And now I'm finally headed
home. We were going to go to some museums but, like last time, we were
too tired and cold. I just really want a nap. The cherry blossoms were
so gorgeous. Not all of them have bloomed and the cherry blossom
festival doesn't start until tomorrow, but it was so pretty. I bet
it's breath taking when they're all in full bloom. Maybe next year. I
loved what I saw though.

Have a great week everyone
Sister Bascom

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