Saturday, 12 April 2014

Sorry Mister, I'm a SISTER

Heidi Chapman the moderator of the Missionary Mommas Facebook group put together this montage of sister missionaries serving through out the world.

Oct 2012 President Monson our prophet stood and announced that they were lowering the age that young woman could apply for missionary service. Traditionally is had been 21 and now it is 19. 

Before this announcement 13% of the of missionaries were young woman and that percentage had approximately doubled. The thing to note is that the number of young men has dramatically increased in a year and half too. So this indicates that our beautiful, talented, articulate.... I could go on and on about how wonderful or LDS woman are have risen to the call. 

Have a look for your self. Our Sister Bascom is represented by four images in this slide show. The first photo of her is in the first song and shows her sitting on the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial in DC. The Second is of her holding a sign that has written on it Deaf Mission. There is a tradition in the DC mission that all the ASL missionaries sign the back of this sign and it has been around for MANY years. The third is a group shot of the DC sisters after a 2 KM run during Cherry festival in the capital. The last one is of the Temple Square sisters with the language signs that they display when they offer tours in one of 50 languages they present tours in on the square.

ENJOY! I dropped a tear or two as I watched this.

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