Sunday, 15 June 2014

All you need is LOVE... (literally)

Dear Family and Friends 

This p-day has been great! We did so much shopping last week that we didn't need to go out anywhere so, I pretty much cooked all afternoon and took a nap.  After this I will write as many letters as possible :) Nothing extremely exciting happened this week.

Our investigators are dropping off.:( I have never worked so hard or desired so much for people to become closer to Christ. Our Zone Leaders say that we should think of ourselves as seed planters. I am trying so hard to have the spirit with me to discern the needs of those we come into contact with and find those who are prepared for our message (We have found some really awesome people, that are not interested in our messages.)  I can't force people to accept the gospel or pick up the phone or drop everything to go to church or meet with their local missionaries. Its just frustrating sometimes! So I sit back into this "its okay you are a seed planter and thats okay" attitude. NO! I want to baptize people. I want to see their lives change! I want to see that! I feel that some people aren't meant to baptize a ton of people (Hunters) and some all they do is baptize (Fishers). Just trying to figure out which one am I and what Heavenly Father wants for me.

Switching gears: Something that I've learned from Sister Peters this transfer is how people need different kinds of love. For example when Peter told Jesus he would not be crucified "This be far from they" Jesus said "get they behind me Satan, though aren't an offense to me!". Wow that is harsh, but Peter needed to learn that. But then we have the story of the adulterous women, who Jesus simple told "Go  thy way and sin no more." They needed different kinds of love. 

Sister Peters shared a story about her outbound President's son. He was put with a companion who told their mission president to put him or send him home, so the President did. That Elder (lets call him Elder B) arrived at their apartment unpacked his X-Box, TV and games and started playing. His companion (lets call him Elder C) called the President not knowing what to do. His President told him to make it work. So Elder C told Elder B that they would take turns planning the only rule you could not complain about what the other wanted to do on their day. So one day they would do missionary work and the other they would sit at home and Elder B would play video games while Elder C read. Elder C read 180 books while they were companions. But you know what,  Elder B changed he became the one of the best Elders in the mission, because of the love and patience Elder C showed him.

Alma 31:5  And now, as the preaching of the word had a great tendency to lead the people to do that which was just—yea, it had had more powerful effect upon the minds of the people than the sword, or anything else, which had happened unto them—therefore Alma thought it was expedient that they should try the virtue of the word of God.

I really have learned a lot from Sister Peters. The biggest thing is to love. To show the kind of love each person needs and how to discern that. I need that love in my life. I know I will come in contact with many people in my life and they all need love. Some people might not seem like they need love but they do. We all do. Love is the greatest gift. You can read about that in Preach My Gospel Chapter 6 Charity and Love. Sister Peters is reading through the Book of Mormon about love and I love what she shared with me. I love also reading about Nephi and his family and how much love he shows his brethren despite everything they do. I loved the article in the Ensign from President Eyring about the Nephites writing to the Laminates, thats love right there!
Gosh I'm just learning so much, I can't believe it!

AND more LOVED than you know!
Sister Bascom

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