Friday, 29 August 2014

Mission Life and Earth Life

This sisters with their plachards for announcing tours after Music and the Spoken Word.

Dear Family and Friends
Wow what a week, so many ups and downs ins and outs.

T was baptized a couple weeks ago, I don't think I mentioned that. She has a job now, which is good but it makes her miss church every other Sunday. :P  P my recent convert took us out for dinner. It was nice to catch up. V is getting baptized on SUNDAY! Hopefully we can get Skype all set up so we can see the baptism.  We are also trying to get in touch with a RM from that area so they can help us teach his parents who speak Creole (A Frenchish language.), and get them to a branch there :D 

We went to the temple this morning and I really needed it. Sometimes it is really hard to stay focused. I compare mission life and experiences to Earth life experiences. Just go with me for a minute, okay.

Kilroy was here.
See we are all here on Earth; but its not REALLY where we belong. We are here to learn and be better, gain a body and learn from trials. But we really belong with our family in heaven where we can do so much. We don't even really understand what we can do. 

I feel the same about a mission. As missionaries we are here for a cretin amount time to learn and grow, become better; but its not really where we are meant to be for a long time. We have certain restrictions that we agreed to, but we are capable of so much, on and off a mission.

Sister B signing that she is offering tours in ASL.
 Don't get me wrong I love my mission, its the best/hardest thing I have ever done and I can say the same about my Earth life. I can't remember much about my pre-earth life (God knew it would be much harder if I could). I mean being able to remember my pre-mission life is hard enough. Not that I'm going back to a lot of that, I hope I don't go back to how I was in my pre-earth life. We have trials for a reason. We came here for a reason. No one said it was going to be easy; In fact I'm pretty sure we all knew it was going to be really really hard. Same thing with a mission…

I love my mission. Everything I go through here is making me better. Making me want eternal life more. I have had such a desire to be better this week and maybe thats why I have been so down is because its really hard to live up to what your mind wants you to be. I don't want to waste this time. Its going to be a long time before I get a chance like this again. I know RM's say its so hard to not be a missionary any more. I wonder if we will say that same thing about being mortal? Hmmm food for thought.

Girls just wanna have fun.
I hope you all have a great week, I love you and wish you all the best
Remember you are Braver than you Believe, Stronger than you Seem and Smarter than you Think.
Sister Bascom

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