Sunday, 21 April 2013

So Long, Farewell

It is customary for a missionary to give a farewell talk and have a open house a few days before they leave. Well I just had mine and it was great. My talk this morning was based off of Elder Nelson talk "Ask The Missionaries, They Can Help You"from the Oct 2012 general conference. It went well I think, besides the fact that I said ummm over 50 times (Cassie counted). Guess I get to work on eliminating that habit. :/

I also heard my friend Shane give his farewell talk using the same talk as the base of his speech today. It was interesting to hear how different our talks were. He enters the MTC May 1st. 

We then had open house later that evening. I had mixed emotions tonight. I have moved in July from my hometown where i grew up. My old friends and family  I grew up with weren't able to be here. Just my new friends. Which was still awesome, but I defiantly missing them. Now I just have tomorrow to get all my stuff together and then it's off to the Calgary airport Tuesday morning. So long farewell

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