Thursday, 11 April 2013

Good News, Good News and MORE Good News

All good thing happen in threes. My good things all came with in hours of each other.

Firstly Utah called saying they have my visa and were sending it to me that day. This is a miracle. We were told when my mission call arrived that is is taking 5 months to process visas for the United States. They sent my application for my visa off  the end of Jan. We called a few days ago and the travel office said that if they didn't call us by the 15th then I would be postponed a least one group. There is only one group of missionaries at a time learning ASL in the MTC. IF I missed the start of this group then I would have to wait at least 6 weeks.

What tends to happen for Canadians that don't get their visas on time is their local missions will take them so they can start on time. We have had such an influx of sister missionaries in our local mission that I wasn't sure if they would take me. My stake president already had a call into the local mission president. I was waiting to hear if and when he would take me. So I was thrilled to receive a call stating that they have my visa in hand and I get to start my mission a week later than the date on my call letter.

Second my sister plans to be a speech and language pathologist. She hear that got accepted into the program she had applied for and begins in September.

 Thirdly I gave a friend of mine a Book of Mormon  He meet with the missionaries for the second time today.  They asked him if when he knows the church was true if he would be baptized. Today he made a commitment to be baptized, with a tentative date. I am extremely happy for him and know the gospel will be huge blessing in his life.

It was a very exciting day for me finally knowing that I was going on the 24th was such a relief. Hearing my friend and sisters news made it all so much more exciting! The Lord has truly blessed my life already.  Can't wait to see what else He has in store for me.

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