Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Hey all heads up. My Mom and Sister are monitoring my blog and Facebook account starting Monday night. I will not be checking messages or comments on either of these accounts. Therefore I will not be responding to birthday wishes and blog comments. Sorry

I would love to hear from you all during my mission. I will however have limited time to respond to mail weekly. Cassie and Mum will keep contact info current on my Facebook account and on the sidebar of my blog.

During my time in the MTC you can send me letters via Dear Elder FREE :) Thanks for this service Dear Elder! If you post a letter before 12:30 Utah time I will get it that day. :) Snail mail and email work too.

After I leave the MTC at the beginning of June if you want me to get info quickly it is best to send it through Dear Elder. I'll have it in 48 hours and it is cheaper than Canada Post and faster for that matter.

For those of you that don't seem to make it to the mail box to get the paper to the snail. You can use my email addy. If you have any questions fire them at Cassie or Mum.

See ya in 18 months \"/ ( love ya in ASL)

Sister Bascom

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