Monday, 22 April 2013

Angel In Our Midst

I couldn't leave on my mission without saying something about a very special someone, who came into my life shortly after making the decision to go on a mission.

Her name is Sam, she moved here right after conference, fresh off her mission from Scotland, and I'm sure God sent her here just for me. What more could I ask for when I am preparing to leave on a mission, than a RM (return missionary) that could help me prepare? Sam has become my best friend these last few months, she has given me so much advice, and been there to help me sort out my problems and worries. We have both been great listeners and supports for each other in these refining times and I will always remember her and be so thankful to her for the love and friendship she has shown me as I prepare to leave. She truly is a angle, and she was sent here just for me. 

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