Friday, 31 May 2013

Last Week With ASL District

Dear Family

So I have neglected to tell you all about my amazing teachers, so here is goes:
Brother D: Tall blonde and deaf. Grew up learning in an oral program(not that he ever did to us) but learned to sign in high school I believe. He served a mission in California I believe and he is currently attending BYU. Brother D play my investigator Alex, who is moved from Mexico to California. Alex isn't very connected with his family because none of them sign very well. They are members of another faith and are not impressed with him joining the church. His baptism is set for next week :) He is working on his relationship with his gf so that they can eventually be married and he can be a father to his little girl. ( The teachers before they teach the group for the first time act as people that are not members of our faith.)

Brother J: The best way to describe Jensen is to say he looks and acts like goofy. I swear it, he is really tall 6'3".  He is really thin and extremely hilarious. He is deaf he has a cochlea implant He is very involved with the hearing and the deaf world. He doesn't have a preference and he enjoys both. Many people want to interview him for this reason for books and articles because he is part of both worlds. He speaks really well actually. He said he had a friend who didn't realise he was deaf till 2 months after they met! :P Anyways he role plays my investigator Mike. Mike married a Mormon and after 5 years of his wife nagging him he has started to take the lessons. He says he has no intention of joining the church, but he is confused with all the different religions. He kinda reminds me of JS sometimes. Looking at so many religions and having so many questions, but what is so frustrating is that he has yet to really search the scriptures and pray for himself. I hope he will do this or its pointless teaching him. (Bro Jensen is really good at being Mike)

Brother P: thin tallish dark hair, white straight teeth. We don't see Bro P a lot but when we do he is very helpful. He helps us a lot with the language, but he speaks really well too. He knows Spanish too! (none of our teachers really talk to us in class.)

Sister N: Well no longer she just got married yesterday. So we have seen the last of her. :(  Sister N is really sweet  and very helpful. She went on a signing mission (same as her husband) to I forget where. Tall brown hair, and glasses :)

Sister C: At first we all thought Sister Casperton was deaf, so when we started reading the Book of Mormon aloud. She started, I almost fell out of my chair! Not only could she speak but her voice was so unlike her personality its amazing. She is the most bubbly cheerful person I think I have ever met. She also has the loudest funnest laugh, another reason we thought she was deaf.... Anyways when we first got here she played Dede our deaf investigator, who showed little or no emotion ever. So it was surprise when she walked in as a teacher, the day after we were done teaching her.

So that's that.

Oh but you wanted to know about a form of language we use in class called blue boxing so here it goes:
Its actually pretty simple, you pretty much have to act out everything instead of using vocabulary. Why? Some deaf people don't know how to read, how to read lips or any signing. So you pretty much have to draw pictures and act things out to explain things. I haven't had to use this a lot in my teaching as both my investigators can sign. But some of the other investigators don't know any signing so the other companionship's have had to pretty much play charades the whole lesson :P

I have 12 days left at the MTC. My district is all leaving by Wednesday :( Going to miss them all so much. But we are planing to see each other all again, especially if I go to UVU. Sister J and I will be getting new room mates and we will be taking classes in 4M now with the other sisters serving at visitors centres. We get our travel plans, and guess who is travel leader.... yep yours truly. It wont be that hard really compared to other groups, We aren't taking a plane. I am responsible to get 23 sisters from the MTC to Temple Square with all their things. Should be fun :) I'm excited to start the training and meet those sisters. Sister J and I decided that we are going to pretend to be hard of hearing for our new room mates :P see how that works out.
So I was wondering if you could send me some stories about my ancestries. We hear so much about how it is so important right now to do family history work, or know thing about your ancestors. It would just be really nice to know a little bit more if you have time :)

That's all for now all my love your
 Sister Bascom

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