Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Changes, Farewells and Parades

Second transfer and a new P Day. My companion and I had a change of assignment and I am now serving in the Beehive house. Which is very busy but very relaxing at the same time. I love being in an air conditioned house all day, and a beautiful house it is. :)

God has been blessing Sister Dias and I. Last night after an amazing first day at the Beehive house (Where we don't get many referrals at all as we talk mostly about history more then beliefs which we are trying to change.) We came to TC (teaching center) and started taking chats. Every chat was someone wanting to know more about the church out of the 6 chats we took 4 referred and wanted the missionaries to come over! I took this as a sign as Sister Dias really don't like our current assignment, but is trying to accept it and be a happy missionary. I saw this as a blessing for our obedience in taking a call that wasn't originally ours.

Today is Pioneer Day so this morning. I got to go to the early morning devotional with one of my new  Zone Leaders and listen to the beautiful music and hear Elder Ashton of the 70 speak. Then we headed to find a spot to watch the parade. Some senior missionaries saw us walking and called us up to their apartment walkway to watch with them, they also fed us :) The parade was great and I used up my whole memory card with pictures and videos. It was the longest parade I have ever attended 2 hours!

I also saw some familiar faces this week to! The Parker family from my old ward in Medicine Hat came and said HI.  I was walking back from the pioneer parade I saw Brian another friend from that area. But the most surprising was seeing Christian a childhood friend in the NVC (North Visitors Center). I hadn't seen him in 4 years so it was great to see him before he entered the MTC to start his mission on Wed.

Elder B and Sister B 
There are lots of new faces but not that many changes for me. I am sad to see people going home, like Sister Wong who gave me her beautiful leather bag :D and my Zone Leader Sister Christiansen. It is also sad to see sisters leave on outbounds, but I know I will see them again in a few months :)

Very sad also to hear about the passing of an amazing Elder, that I knew since my childhood. He was in a car crash this week. My heart goes out to the family.  I know God called him home for a reason. He was amazing here on this earth and so I know he will be amazing in the after life. (Christian is the younger brother of the Elder that passed.)

Love Sister Bascom

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  1. So proud of you Sis. Bascom you are doing such an important work there is SLC. Your efforts to be obedient and to work hard and accept whatever assignments you are given will bring you blessings in the long run. Just sent Malia off to the MTC too she checked in today. Keep on doing the wonderful job you are doing!! Love and Hugs, Maya