Friday, 19 July 2013

The Book Is BLUE, The Church is TRUE And Moroni Is Still On The BALL.

Dear _______
Well it seems that my last few emails I have sounded very stressed and discouraging. Well, I want you to a sure that I am having a really great time here. 

We got all our transfer info today and it will all be put into effect Tuesday and Wednesday is going to be crazy! (Pioneer Day in SLC.) So we thought we would lessen the crazy and do transfers Tues. Tuesday.

Sister Dias and I are still together. Same apartment. Same room mates. We are in South 2 (I am in South 1 this transfer. Not much changes besides people.) Sister Dias is district leader (she is not excited). Oh and I got called as ASL language coordinator. :D Ya that should be fun! I have no idea what I am doing....! We are getting around 30 new sisters Tues and Wed. from the MTC and the Mexican MTC as it is under construction. We have received like 50 sisters just in this transfer not including my group. From out bounds to here and visa/passport waiters. Its all very exciting.

It's also really sad to see my Zone leader leave this transfer and to think my other one will be leaving along with Sister Dias next transfer. Sounds like I might be training already on my third transfer! AHHHH I'm so excited. But I am getting way ahead of myself, one transfer at a time.
Ummm honestly don't know what else to say this week. Sister Dias and I are getting closer. I miss home still, getting a good feel for everything and still need to work on being patient with myself though as it is only the end of my first transfer. I have really learned this week that as a missionary all you can do is bare your testimony, teach with the spirit and the Holy Ghost will do the rest. I can't convince everyone. I am mostly just planing seeds. Just help them have a good experience and you have done your job. (but I always want to do more.....)
The book is blue, the church is true and Moroni it still on the ball.
All my love 
Sister Bascom

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