Sunday, 7 July 2013

Some happenings on TSQ

I have "borrowed" several posts from the The TSQ mission blog to share with you.

The first is she sisters celebrating July 4th with a talent show and food of course. Pay attention to the pictures to see our Sister Bascom signing a song. She also participating in the Canadian sisters only skit. There is 5 Canadians serving on Temple Square.  I know there are 6 in the picture. I can count. ;) Left to Right The first sister is Sister Briggs. She is almost Canadian. She is from Washington State and is a Canadian wannabe. She arrived at TSQ the same day as Sister Bascom. The Sister next to Lani is Sister Hittrich.  Then their is our Sister Bascom and to the Right of her is Sister Sloan from Surrey, BC. She is the daughter of two old friends of mine. The next to the right is my neighbours niece Sister Takahashi from Calgary, Alberta and the last one is Sister Vickie Nelson whom is a friend of Sister Bascom's older sister.

The second is Sister Beck teaching a lesson in Relief Society. For our friends not of our faith Relief Society is the women's organization in our church. We meet together weekly for a spiritual lesson to strength us home and family. This week Sister Beck whom was a the head of the Young Women's organization while these girls were growing up taught them a lesson on the power of one. She is an immigrant from Germany. Her father was the only convert to our faith that the missionary that taught her father experienced. That would be very discouraging for a missionary. From that one baptism many peoples lives have been touched. Including mine and my daughters because for the many faith promoting sermons that Sister Beck has shared with us over the years.

The third is a post of the sisters saying good bye to Elder and Sister Palmer a senior couple that they adore.  They have developed some musical presentations that have been performed on Temple Square by the T2 sisters during their time of service. They found out that our Sister Bascom plays the harp and wanted to utilize her talents. This post states that the ASL sisters signed Called to Serve and I imagine that Sis. Bascom was very involved in that.

When you have this group of talented, enthusiastic Sisters there is always more happening than tours and lessons.  Hope you enjoy.

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