Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Good, Better, BEST

Had a great YC (youth conference) group this morning. Best group I have ever had! We talked a lot about how to prepare for a mission and spoke from Elder Oaks talk Good, Better, Best. I love this talk. It teaches about prioritizing and spending our time on the best things of life. I hope you will all print it off, study it and then write me back about how you are going to apply this in your life.

I have taken up running in the mornings with Sister Gangster (Yes that is her name.). She is from Germany and is boss! I love her so much!! We were in the same group in the MTC. It's nice to know she isn't going anywhere for awhile and we can really get to know each other. I think that is a great thing about Temple Square that you get to know all the sisters a lot better than a traditional mission where its just you, a companion and maybe room mates if your lucky. I am also getting to know Sister L.Lee (We have like 5 Lee's in this mission) We are in choir together,  Sister Zamarosca and Davies my zone leaders and Sister Pein is a new sister in my district and is very cute. 

The choir I'm in will be singing for the CES broadcast Tues and Wed at the conference center.I don't really understand what it is.(Shoulder shrug.)  We will be singing My Savior's Love and Joy. This is the invite only choir. I feel very proud of myself that I have been invited.  My district meeting is at the same time as the regular choir so the invite choir its the only choir I get to sing in.

Something different and a little exciting was happened this week when security evacuated the South Visitors Center when an unidentified bag was found near the temple model. Protocol says when we find an unidentified bag we call security. We can't touch it. So they evacuated the center staircase.... I had to miss lunch for that :(
Still don't know what was in the bag. But the South Visitors Center is still here, so I guess all is good.

Highlight of the week I think was when sister Dias and I said a prayer before going on the square asking to find someone to help. We ran into a member and his date who were actually looking for another sister on the square. We got talking to them and actually found this guy had concerns about the church. He was having a hard time with following the standards and viewing some people in the church as hypocritical and shallow especially RM's that aren't living the standards of the church. He doesn't like or really understand some of the commandments and so finds them hard to follow. He hasn't been completely converted pretty much.  He is an RM but I guess he still doesn't have a strong testimony. Sister Dias was really able to help out as she said, "I've wasted 5 years of my life" not living the standards.. His date was kinda like me she has never really doubted the teachings of the church, always been the good girl etc. We were really able to connect the three of us and were able to help this great guy who is struggling.  He is working near temple square so maybe I will get to see him again and see how he is doing. Stay tuned! ;)

But thats all for this week. 

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