Tuesday, 24 December 2013

IT's that TIME of the YEAR!

Temple Square All Lit Up.

Dear Family and Friends

Yes it's that wonderful time of year when we celebrate the most important and perfect person this world has ever known! I don't think my Christmas has ever been so Christ centred. I don't think I have ever thought of him so much. I really hope I can bring this focus on Christ home with me for next year. 

This week there has been a lot of ups and down.  We haven't had a lot of success of late with our investigators. J has decided to stop taking the discussions but still wants to stay in touch so we email every once in awhile. I think he will get baptized one day, just not today sadly. He lets his head get in the way of his heart sometimes. We have a few people we are working with that look like they will be baptized in the next few months. Right now I'm trying really hard not to think about how I will probably be going outbound. Sister Turro has already said how she is going to laugh so so so hard if I don't go.... 

I have been going on a lot of exchanges with the sisters in my district and yesterday we were with the Zone Leaders. They are awesome and I learn a lot about myself on exchanges. We just had a Zone breakfast this morning I will send pictures. We had a white elephant gift exchange. That was really fun! 
Mormon Tabernacle Set.
Oh, we went to a members house for dinner and not just any members house! The Creers!!!!!! It was THE BEST! They just finished their missions here a few months ago. It was sad to see them go but they come and visit a lot. So it was a lot of fun to go there. It was frustrating getting there and back. I am still trying to figure out how to get around Salt Lake City and not having a GPS is annoying. Google maps isn't always very clear. But we got there and back safely.

Some events I haven't really written about: Mormon Tabernacle Christmas concert. It was really good, I wasn't to impressed with the soprano but I liked the dancing and the costumes.
Behind The Pipes Of The Organ.

We got to have a tour of the Tabernacle and the conference center organ.  They are both amazing instruments and it was really cool to learn about how they were built and how they are played. I will send pictures to my mommy and she can put them on the blog :)
Looking through the pipes into the seating in the conference centre.
We had RS at the RS building with the general RS president Sister Burton. She was very sweet and she talked all about the amazing women in our lives. I would like to just mention a few of them:
My Mom
Debra Moore
My Grandma
My YW leaders (Especially: Liz, Sheira, Vernon YW leaders etc)
My Sisters
Mama Hill
My Aunts
Edmonton RS 
And many many more.

I know its not mothers day or anything but will you tell one of the great women in your life how much you appreciate them?

Playing the organ in the Conference Center.

I hope you can all remember the reason for this season. I have never thought of it so much, and I defiantly feel closer to my Saviour because of it.
Merry Christmas to ALL and to ALL a GOOD Night.
Again a Merry Christmas to you all and to all a good night!
Sister Bascom

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