Thursday, 24 July 2014

Called to Serve

Mommy Post: Going on an LDS mission is a huge act of faith. You open an application prepare all supporting documentation they need. Then you meet with your local ecclesiastical leaders they add their endorsement of your application and off it goes to the mission department of our church. They meet on a weekly basis to make these assignments and over two years they have made 86,000 assignments. From the time it is sent until the big white envelope arrives the excitement climbs.

I know that my Lani's call was inspired. I know that she was meant to be in the district that she was in. I know that she was meant to develop her ASL. Her mission language will open doors for her future career. I know she was meant to be in SLC. I know she was meant to go to DC and serve in the deaf program and train the sisters she trained there.

I don't fully know how this placement will impact her future life but I see glimpses of it. This is a blog post of a sister Lani served with in DC as she beautifully explains how she is "Living the Dream." and her call was inspired through inspiration.

BTW the 100 day (Until she returns home.) count down started Sunday we are at day 96.
The Mum

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