Thursday, 17 July 2014

What I Learned at Youth Conference???

Half of the TSQ sisters at Brighton Camp sporting this years graphic T's
 Lani is just to the right of center back row.

Dear Family and Friends,

I can't tell you how blessed Sister Peters and I feel this week, we have been in contact with so many people who are truly ready to have the gospel in their lives! We have 5 different people who have a baptismal date scheduled all are progressing well, going to church... Most are on date for this transfer! We honestly don't know where these blessings have come from. We don't feel we are doing anything different but the blessings are coming! This is really motivating us to become the best missionaries we can be, so we are worthy of these blessings we are receiving!

Another person we are as assisting back to full fellowship is going to be married next month! He has a lot to go through to get himself ready spiritually to get married in the temple. He is going at it head on right now and we are so excited for him. It just is such a big testimony to be about keeping the commandments as I see how it is when we make mistakes up how it messes up so much of the rest of our lives. To some people the commandments look so restricting and yet they keep us sop safe. Brad Wilcox came and spoke at a Youth Conference today and talked about how obedience sets us free. I will never forget some of the things he shared about smoking, drinking and immorality.

 Smoking: He talked about a person who smoked before and described smoking like this:
We are up on this level ------ but smokers are here _____ and so by smoking they they are trying to get up to where you are to feel normal, but they don't feel that way... That sucks, who wants to smoke when it makes you feel terrible and the only way you feel better is when you smoke.... talk about living off of something!
Drinking: Everyone who drinks at parties looks like they are having so much fun! And they are getting such a high! But you know the one thing they don't have? The memory of it. Why would you go out and get a high and have a great time if you can't remember it? And then after your head hurts and you never feel that high again? He said "me and my family were out for dinner and telling stories about the family did and what kids said what and what grandma did etc etc, we were all were laughing so hard and having such a great time that the next table over told the waiter "we want what they are drinking" "Water?"" Whats the point of having a good time if you can't remember it!?

Immorality: Pretty much he said that when we give ourselves away to others and to things before marriage we enter our marriage with nothing to give anymore... only to take. If you grow up in that attitude of only taking you will enter your marriage that way, and marriage isn't about one person giving and the other taking, its about both giving and both receiving and than having more to give and more to receive. Its the difference between, Love and Lust. If you love someone you will wait for the right time and place, if you love the Lord. If you love yourself. Love gives, lust takes....
But that is why we have the atonement, that is why Jesus died for us. I'm so thankful for that sacrifice and for that LOVE he showed us. 

I love doing YC (youth conference) and listening to all these amazing speakers, they really do up lift me and strengthen my testimony in what is right.

Remember you are Braver than you Believe and Stronger than you Seem
and Smarter than you Think
Sister Bascom

Mom note: This week the sister had a day trip to Brighton Girls camp. Lani didn't write home about the day but Sister Briggs the AP did. It was a day of spiritual experiences and worth a read:

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