Monday, 28 October 2013

Come What May and LOVE It!

Dear Friends and Family

Ahhh I feel so much love, so many emails and not enough time!

Well these next few days are going to be crazy! Why? Because Sister Schweizer and I are being split and I am TRAINING!!! So excited! I have been told my whole mission that I would be a great trainer. and I thought I would too, but I guess the Lord didn't think so, till now. The new Italian Sister Torro will be here Wednesday.  I will be moved to a new zone with a new p-day So, you can all expect a email on Friday as well :D

This is the third time I will be changing zones this transfer after getting my original assignments.  Some people might complain but I feel honored that the presidency here took extra time to make sure I was personally where I needed to be and in the right assignment for at this time on my mission. I know I am well taken care of here.

It's a little hard as Sister S and I were just really getting to know each other. She is really starting to open up. I was able to express my love to her and see her grow. I hope that I have been able to help her in our small time together to see her worth and importance. Sister S is becoming a senior companion though to another sister in her class and they are doing guest services together. I believe this is really great fro her as she will get to step up and take the lead now.

Some more exciting things is that the TS performance is coming up. Music around the world has become a tradition on TS. This is where the sisters have the opportunity to perform and show their talents. I have the amazing opportunity to sing, sign, play the harp and best of all dance.

3 other sisters and I are learning choreo from a member who teaches dance. Then we teach it to another sister :) I can't believe how much I have missed dancing. It wasn't till the dance teach walked in straight from a dance class with her hair still up in her dance jacket and such that I realized how much I really missed that. It isn't till you leave it till you love it and want it back. *sigh* 1 year tomorrow, can't believe it has gone that fast!

This morning we had the great privilege of having Elder Oaks and his wife come visit us and shake our hands. It was a really been a blessing to have 2 apostles come in 2 transfers  and to hear about how Elder Holland taught my family in their new stake. So many blessings. Elder and Sister Oaks spoke about how to work together and  stay strong. I forgot my note book so I will write more later on how it went.

Hope you are all have a good week I know I am!  :)
Love Sister Bascom

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