Friday, 24 May 2013

Bark Bark Bark

Provo Temple

Dear Family
Its a beautiful hot sunny day here at the MTC. I love the privilege of being able to go to the temple on pday. I have found a new love for temple work. The sisters there are so sweet. It makes me want to volunteer there. I do believe I get to do that a lot on temple square. So, yeah!!!!! My companion Sister J and I love it here but can't wait to get out and actually get to work. We learn so much everyday but, there is so much more to learn. We will be the only ASL missionaries on Temple Square for three months as the other two ASL sisters are on outbounds when we arrive. (Out bounds are when the sisters leave Temple Square to serve in a traditional mission some where in the USA.)

Speaking of sister J please keep her in your prayers. It looks like she has carpal tunnel which is not good for signers. There is swelling in her neck that is probably from an old car crash and it is not helping the situation. She is preparing herself mentally to be changed to English speaking mission :'(

We did have an awesome birthday bash for her this week. I mean as good as you can have at the MTC. She got  a ton of food from friends and family. So we pigged out and have several laughs. I am going to miss my district when they leave in 2 weeks. Can't believe I have been here a month!

Besides pdays I have come to love Sundays. There no classes but the speakers are always amazing. This week we had Sister Mary Evans. She was HILARIOUS!!! It wasn't a very reverent meeting but I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. one of my fav things she said:

"There was a little mouse who took her babies out for a walk one day. Out of no where a cat jump out of the tall grass. The mother stepped in front of her children and BARKED and BARKED and BARKED. The cat was scared and ran off. The mouse then turned to her children and said "See kids that's why you learn a second language." :P

She was awesome, but in direct contrast at Tuesday night devotional we had Elder Nash of the seventy came and spoke. He gave an inspiring talk about the atonement. I loved every minute of it. These talks always inspire me to do better here. I have put encouraging words for these messages on my desk that I read everyday. Another amazing speaker was Brother Littlefield. He spoke on the culture of your mission. If you ask a missionary or a RM to finish this sentence it can tell you a lot about them and their mission. "In this mission we______" I want to be able to finish that sentence with work hard or are inspired or are obedient etc,. There are so many possible answers and I hope I can answer it well. Littlefield spoke about setting the bar and rising to meet the occasion etc. It was really good talk and I will always remember it.

I am also loving TRC on Saturdays when we go and teach member volunteers. Last week we got to visit with a really sweet girl named Mandy and her bf Nick. We talked with Mandy for most of the lesson about her awesome family. Her travels around America. How she moved to Utah. When inspired by the spirit, she realises the faults in her life and whats to become better. Which is awesome. She said she goes to temple square often so I hope I can see her again. Little does she know that her bf that she met while he was on his mission in Washington is seriously considering asking her the big question ;) He is very sweet and clever and I am supper excited to see how things work out between them.

I love you. You are all in my prayers. Lots of love.
Your Sister Bascom <3

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