Friday, 17 May 2013

Time Flies By

Hi all I am doing great. The first 2 weeks I was really tired all the time. Now the days are flying by and I am enjoying everything about the MTC.... well almost every thing. Over all I'm enjoying myself.

Hearing about Grandpa was really hard. ( Mom note: This week Sister Bascom's grandpa had a stroke and is in the hospital recovering.)  I would hate to lose him so soon after Grandma. ( Her Grandma passed away on March 20th too.) I think I took the new
s okay for not being at home, I just didnt really do any companion study or planning that night. Sister J was really supportive. All the sisters and elders in my district have had some kind of trial while they have been here. I just knew it was a matter of time before I had mine. 

Elder Nelson came and spoke on Tuesday. It was really good! He talked a lot about family history. The thing that I really took away from it was how we appear to others and how to make an impression on others.To make a good impression it helps to have a statement ready about who you are, where your from and what you believe ready at all times when introducing yourself. Since I will be doing that everyday on Temple Square I liked that advice a lot. 

Sorry to hear about Sister Monson that isnt really known in the MTC.... (Mom note: Sister Frances Monson Wife of President Monson passed away today.) I met Elder Monson's Nephew here on Sunday while waiting for our elders. We started a conversation with him then I saw his name on his tag so, I had to ask.  He introduced me to his son who was just in Alberta :P It was really cool.
Sister B, Sister M, Sister J, Sister Bascom and Sister A
I thought I would tell you about what an average day looks like:

630 Wake Up (Exceptwe have service at 6:05am. So we are up at 545. We just go to 19m (building) and clean.)

7:15 Personal Study

815 Breakfast
(Food is still gross. Elder R has been trying to get me to eat a doughnut all week so, I finally obliged him today.):P
Sister J is Sister Bascom's companion and fellow Temple Square Missionary.

Elder R signing PLAY

8:45 Class We teach our teachers as they pretend to be investigators. Thats probbs the best part of class.  We sometimes read the book of Mormon together probs my fav thing to doWe have language study. My vocabulary is growing everyday it's really the grammar I have to work on.

6:20 Dinner

7:05 Companion study and Language study

930 Back to the dorm

1030 Bed

I often awake up and stare at our family photo taped at the end of my bed for a few mins and think of all of you before I get up and start my day.

Lots of love Sister Bascom <3

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