Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mail for Mummy

Twice a year missionaries can either Skype or phone home. The missionaries in the MTC can't contact home via Skype or phone. Just imagine the night mare it would be to get every missionary to be able to contact his or her family. So today in the mail I got a lovely short letter from Lani expressing her love to me. Which I'm not going to share in entirety. Put being the generous person that I am. I am sharing this:
She gave us some insights into Sundays in the MTC. She writes:
I just got out of a wonderful Relief Society Meeting and am now sitting in the hot Utah sunshine. Our speaker today was Sister Janice Kapp Perry. She is an amazing lyricist and composer. She has written 10 children's songs including A Child's Prayer, I Feel My Saviours Love and the hymn As Sisters in Zion. The meeting was very spiritual as we sang half the meeting and Sister Perry shared her strong testimony with us.
I am looking forward to devotional/fireside tonight.  What is the difference???  After Sunday devotional we watch movies produced by the church. Last week my district watched The Legacy. We watch it in a classroom by ourselves with the closed captioning. The others in the MTC had several choices of movies and languages in larger rooms through out the MTC.

I doing alright in my classes. They are getting easier. I am getting closer to everyone in my district. I can talk to my branch president about anything. I can always find something edible in the caf. Thanks again for all the mail. I LOVE the kids emails. It makes my day. Thinking of all of you this beautiful day.

Sister Bascom

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