Sunday, 12 May 2013

Week 2 in the MTC

Sister Bascom has been in the MTC just over 2 weeks. She is still adjusting to being a missionary. She is not a fan of wearing dresses all day everyday. She is exhausted at the end of every day as she puts it: By the end of the day I feel like my eyes are going to fall out and my hands are made of lead. She still feels like she needs to work harder everyday on learning her language more.

She went on the say that I have grown to really love each and every one of the missionaries in my district. As she has gotten to know them these are some observations that she has made:

Sister M (whom transferred to a different program.), Sister J, Sister Bascom, Sister B and Sister A 
Sister J: is my companion and I love her! Her companion has had some health challenges.So they have had a couple of Dr. Appointments they needed to go to. She doesn't mind going to these appointments as it gives them bonding time and Lani extra writing time. Sister J celebrates her 21 birthday this month. 
Sister A: She is 21 from Oregon and going to Sacramento California. She was quiet at first but has turned out to be quiet fun. She noted that Sister A has a sister that entered the MTC the same day as her. She said their relationship reminds her of her sister K and herself. They always goofing off, talking into the late hours. She is very talented at the piano. We are going to perform "Jesus the Very Thought of Thee" of in our zone sacrament meeting on Sunday . Sister A and I always keep each other laughing throughout the day and I know we will stay good friends after our missions :) 
Sister B: is 22 from Logan Utah and assigned to the Anaheim, California mission. She is deaf and is really sweet but is not afraid to give her opinion. Sorry I don't know her that well, other then she has a very sweet bf.

Elder R, Elder C and Elder McG
Elder C: is 19  from Utah as well (Most everyone is.)  he took ASL in high school and is very enthusiastic. He has a great testimony of the gospel.
Elder McG: Is the oldest one out of all of us. He is 27. From Utah  and going to Texas. He is deaf. He has only   been a member of the church all of a year, after a crazy conversion story. You can look him up on
Elder R: Is 19 he also from Utah and is going to Washington State. 19 yr old. His dad and his grandparents are deaf so he has been signing all of his life, and he says my signing is better than his.

I have seen Elder D and Sister McP. I had a spoke with him, but haven't had the chance to talk to S McP. 

Sorry Can't write more till next week. Still have so much I want to tell you. Probs will just snail mail you. 
All my love.

K I am thinking of you and your grad and how I'm not there.
Love the letters from the kids sending some your way 
Your sister and daughter.

Sister Bascom

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