Monday, 6 May 2013

Snail Mail

Day 1

The MTC is AMAZING! I LOVE it here. The spirit is so strong and there is so much love felt amongst the missionaries. 

Let Me tell you about the missionaries in my district; There are eight of us five sisters and three elders. All of us already know some sign language either from school, family or both. 

The five sisters share a room in the dorms. Sister John is my companion. She is 21 next month and is from Colorado. She was in deaf studies at Utah Valley University. (This is were Lani would like to attend school after her mission.)  She will also be serving on Temple Square. Sister Abbot is also 21 and from Oregon I believe. Sister Benson is 22 she is hard of hearing and is very sweet I can't wait to get to know her better. Sis Mecham is 19 as well and we are becoming fast friends. 

Our Elders are Elder McGill whom is deaf, Elder Rainey who's father is deaf and Elder Cowley whom has taken three years of ASL. Our elders are very nice. All the other missionaries are in the deaf program and I think they are all going either to Oregon or California.

Our Teachers name is Brother David. There are lots of interpreters to watch too.  

The other missionaries are constantly asking where you are going and trying to sign to us. It is pretty funny.

Day 2

Today was hard I felt overwhelmed by the end of the day. Zone meeting is what was overwhelming the sisters and I are still trying to remember everything. I am already understanding so much. 

Sister Benson is extremely helpful and under standing. Sister Mecham and I are getting closer everyday. We have a lot in common. She is also 19. She is a dancer mostly ballroom. So we did stretching together for about 15 during gym time. She also wants to go to UVU after her mission which makes me want to go even more. We could take ASL and dance there together ;)

Saw Becky Smith today I totally forgot that she is here. She is leaving next week. So write her while you can.
Sister Bascom's favorite Sister in her District Sister B

Day 3

Today was such a GOOD day. I can already understand so much more in class. Mom you would of been so proud of me (Mom note: I AM!!!) I have had so many good conversations with deaf people and I understood 85% of what they said and the other 15% I could piece together.

Mom Note: When missionaries learn a language in the MTC they get six weeks of language instruction with returned missionaries that have already taught in the language. Lani's district is the only district where they are language immersed. The difference is that the minute she walks in the door she is has to use her language with native signers as most of the time the district has missionaries with varying degrees of hearing loss. It is like being thrown in the deep end. They all come up swimming and this is the best way to learn. Oh and stay tuned for more on Elder Rainey after I confirm some information.

The Lord has truly blessed me already. 

All my love to the family.
Sister Bascom

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