Wednesday, 8 May 2013

MORE Snail Mail

Sister Bascom and her MTC companion Sister J
What a pleasant surprise to get more mail from Sister Bascom this week:

She is being stretched and going through growing pains as she and the other sisters in her district adjust to missionary life and life in the MTC. She comments that she get 8 hours of sleep in the MTC and is still tired. One of the sisters in her district has strep throat and several of the other sisters on her floor have also been ill.

She shares with us how much she likes her Branch President in the MTC Pres. Born. She has enjoyed her interviews with him. Adores her first Zone leader. She much to Sis Bascom's disappointment left last Wednesday.

She has run into Becky Smith whom is the same building as her. She was thrilled to see Ammon Kaopua and is excited for her friend Shane Dola to arrive.

She states that she got extra letter writing time while she was waiting at her companions eye appointment.  She was pleased to get a break from the MTC for a while.

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